Deborah Vankin

Going grape


On Wednesday nights, before E! Entertainment tapes "The Soup," the show's writers take turns bringing in bottles of their favorite wines. It doesn't hurt that host Joel McHale is a former employee of…

The devil is Prada


Deborah Nadoolman Landis is pissed off. The object of her anger? Fashion designers. It's not that the Oscar-nominated costume designer ("Coming to America," plus "Raiders of the Lost Ark," among…


'Graphic' diversions


With a good chunk of Hollywood headed to San Diego for this weekend's Comic-Con Intl., Variety Weekend sought the season's best graphic novels. Travel reading, for those who don't get car sick.



Bottled water is the Diet Coke of L.A. Californians drink more than 32 gallons a year and, even when unflavored, it's rarely plain. Current enhancements include everything from oxygen to electrolytes…

World Cup 'Pig' out


A pack of 30 feverish soccer fans huddled under a widescreen plasma TV, hooting and hollering loud enough to wake anyone from a dead sleep. Which they did, most likely: much of Hollywood was still…

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