David Wollock

Review: ‘Rakim’


Hardcore rap pioneer Rakim and his well chosen opening group, Jurassic 5, prove that in an age of MTV and flashy concert production, hip-hop fans still respect and respond to old school basics…

Review: ‘Maxwell’


With his new "Unplugged" EP just three weeks old and his platinum debut, "Maxwell's Urban Hang Suite" (Columbia), still hanging tough on the pop charts 64 weeks after its release, it's no surprise…

Review: ‘Prodigy’


Prodigy (Mayan Theatre; 1,500 capacity; $ 20) Produced by Bill Silva Presents. Band: Keith Flint, Liam Howlett, Leeroy Thornhill, Maxim Reality, Gizz Butt. Reviewed May 28, 1997. Using live frontmen…

Review: ‘Morcheeba’


Morcheeba (El Rey Theatre; 900 capacity; $ 15) Presented by Goldenvoice/Philip Blaine. Band: Skye Edwards, Ross Godfrey, Paul Godfrey, Dominique Pipkin, Joe Cooper, Leigh Gordon. Reviewed April 19…

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