David Sprague

Review: ‘Dr. John’


It's been nearly two decades since Dr. John took to a Gotham stage without a backing band -- a lull that melted away as soon as he settled down behind the grand piano at this well-appointed venue. At…

Review: ‘Ben Folds’


When Ben Folds broke with the three-piece "Five" that bore his name, much was made of his development into a solo artist -- a curious thing, given how closely he has come to duplicate that band's…

Review: ‘Joe Perry’


While Steven Tyler has always been the face of Aerosmith, Joe Perry has spent the better part of three decades acting as the band's soul -- not to mention its conscience. Whenever the band ventures…

Review: ‘Hydra’


Hydra is a fitting name for this free-flowing aggregation, spawned by the meeting of postmodern jamsters Particle and one-time Grateful Dead timekeeper Mickey Hart. The resultant beast isn't that…

Review: ‘Moby’


To paraphrase savant philosopher Forrest Gump, a Moby show is a lot like a box of chocolates -- you never know exactly what you're going to get. The wild-card factor was even more palpable at this…

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