David Sprague

Review: 'Ray Davies'


Ray Davies has always been one of rock's forgotten heroes. Yes, he's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and he's certainly high on just about every thoughtful rocker's list of influences, but while…

Review: 'Santana'


Lately, it seems that for Carlos Santana, the cell phone has become as important an instrument as the guitar, what with the surfeit of guest stars that've peppered his albums since 1999's…


Review: 'Cream'


Although the "once-in-a-lifetime" Cream reunion presented in London five months ago turned out to be anything but a one-off, the sense of anticipation that filled the air when Eric Clapton, Jack…

Review: 'Liz Phair'


There was plenty of hue and cry when Liz Phair made her supposed U-turn into the pop mainstream. Those firing slings and arrows in Phair's direction, however, conveniently ignored the fact that her…

Review: 'David Gray'


David Gray isn't the kind of guy who writes songs that inspire raised-fist shouts of "right on." Nor is he the sort who makes music suited to be played when two lovers woo. Instead, the Irish-bred…

Review: 'Ric Ocasek'


Former Cars frontman Ric Ocasek recently ended an eight-year hiatus from recording with "Nexterday" -- released on his own Inverse label -- and, true to form, decided to support it with two shows…

Review: 'Elton John'


Elton John isn't the first artist to stage a special performance focused on one of his classic albums. John did, however, become the most commercially successful to make such a grand gesture when he…

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