David Sprague

Pantheon players


Each year, NARAS bestows lifetime achievement awards to artists whose bodies of work have stood the test of time. The laurels also afford the Academy a chance to make up for lost time in honoring…

Review: 'Lewis Taylor'


On paper, Lewis Taylor's musical formula looks like a surefire recipe for disaster. But when the reclusive Brit combines his natural affinity for old-school soul with his flair for prog-rock bombast…


Review: 'KT Tunstall'


Diminutive singer-songwriter KT Tunstall is the latest in a long line of decade-in-the-making overnight successes to be imported from across the Pond. That combination of hardscrabble experience and…

Review: 'Dion'


More than any of his 1950s-vintage peers, Dion DiMucci has consistently reinvented himself, bypassing the ever-dwindling oldies circuit in favor of forays into roots-rock, gospel and -- on his…

Review: 'Sufjan Stevens'


Since moving into its new home at the Time Warner Center, Lincoln Center has opened up its booking policy to a startling degree, pushing the boundaries of its American Songbook series. The open doors…

Review: 'Korn'


Having recently been in the news more for extra-musical events -- a messy split with founding guitarist Brian "Head" Welch and an offbeat deal worked out with Virgin Records -- than for its actual…

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