David Sprague

Review: 'World Party'


World Party front man Karl Wallinger has spent his career writing songs about surprises lurking just beyond the horizon. Even he probably couldn't have envisioned the bombshells that've impacted his…

Review: 'Tom Verlaine'


When it comes time to counting off the great guitar heroes of the rock era, list-making musical pundits almost always undervalue Tom Verlaine. That's more than a bit baffling, given the eye-opening…


Review: 'Tool'


The posters for the sci-fi classic "Alien" warned that "in space, no one can hear you scream." For the better part of a decade, Tool has been working to disprove that tagline, churning out Alpha…

Review: 'Guns 'N Roses'


Axl Rose has been so reclusive and obsessive in the years since Guns 'N Roses' last full-on foray into the public eye, but he hasn't, based on Friday's appearance at the Hammerstein Ballroom, missed…

Review: 'Ane Brun'


It's unusual for an artist signed to a high-profile label to play a record-release show at a venue where audiences pass the hat to pay the performers -- and even more curious to have that label's…

From pop to 'Opera'


Of all the performers to have emerged from Gotham in recent years, none epitomizes the burg's dizzily paced eclecticism as vividly as Nellie McKay. Currently playing the featured role of Polly…

Review: 'Joan Osborne'


Joan Osborne has traveled a rather circuitous path since her mid-'90s hit "One of Us" became the most ubiquitous piety-pop hit of the post-"Spirit in the Sky" era. Rather than try to follow that…

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