David Mermelstein


Review: 'Amadeus'


Peter Hall's new production of "Amadeus," fresh from the West End and on its way to Broadway, has all the trappings of a successful revival: a cast of fine actors, expensive costumes and sets and a…

  • Film

Review: 'Space'


Tina Landau's "Space," a strange amalgam of New Age philosophy, schtick and old-fashioned romance, finds its serious concerns voided by a muddled script. Landau's vague, derivative and astonishingly…

  • TV

Review: 'Aristocrats'


"Masterpiece Theater's" first mini of the season proves a welcome reminder of just how good television can be. A perfect pairing of worthy material and dedicated talent, "Aristocrats" is yet another…

Review: 'Footloose'


It's tempting to say that the folks who put together the musical "Footloose" (Dean Pitchford, Walter Bobbie and Tom Snow) should have called their wan effort "Screw Loose." After all, the movie on…

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