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Harrison Ford

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"I have always been interested in nature," says the Chicago-raised Ford. When the thesp suffered what he describes as "the guilt of too much money," he put the bulk of his philanthropic efforts into…

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PRODUCTION INCENTIVES: Telefilm Canada, the federal government's filmmaking agency, invites foreign-owned production companies into the country with a 16% production services credit for wages paid to…

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PRODUCTION INCENTIVES:Fiji has become one of the go-to destinations for exotic shoots. Fiji's audio-visual tax credit offers a 15% rebate to pics that spend at least 35% of their total budget on the…


Marc Rothemund


Rothemund spent nearly two years researching his latest film, "Sophie Scholl --The Final Days," the story of a young member of the White Rose, a Third Reich resistance group, who is arrested and…

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