David Benedict

Review: 'Thais'


A production as overwhelmingly pleasurable as director-designer David Fielding's revival of Massenet's positively erotic conflagration of faith and flesh, "Thais" -- an opera not so much rarely as…


'Roll' rocks Royal


"The opening of a new Tom Stoppard is always so exciting," said one London critic on the way into the world preem of "The Invention of Love." Those words, spoken in 1997, are still true today; the…

Review: 'Market Boy'


A long line of people snakes glumly toward the unemployment office beneath the banner headline "LABOUR ISN'T WORKING." That image was plastered across billboards the length and breadth of Britain…

Review: 'Clever Dick'


Ahead of movie blogger's delight "Snakes on a Plane," up pops naive brainbox Matilda in Crispin Whittell's new play "Clever Dick" -- she's pretty sure reptiles are her style. And that's just the…

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