Dave McNary

NBC staff in AFTRA vote


Citing concerns over dues and the strength of the AFTRA health and retirement plan, some NBC Network correspondents and staff are seeking to decertify AFTRA as their official bargaining agent. The…

  • Biz

Managers in murky waters


Thesp Rosa Blasi and her ex-manager Rick Siegel once again squared off in court Tuesday in a half-hour hearing. At first glance, the case seems like another brief, legal skirmish between an actor and…

IATSE in tentative deal


The Intl. Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees has reached a three-year deal on its Hollywood Basic Agreement with studios and networks, more than seven months before expiration of the current pact.

  • Film

Ape pounds chest o’seas


"King Kong" ruled internationally with respectable rather than spectacular response from moviegoers, grossing $63.4 million Friday-Sunday at 8,123 playdates in 55 markets in the ninth-largest foreign…

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