Chad Gervich

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Miami nice


When it comes to romance, "CSI: Miami's" Horatio Caine (David Caruso) may be one of the unluckiest men on television. Yet while the show's lead character can't seem to catch a break, "CSI: Miami's"…

America Ferrera


It ain't easy being ugly. Just ask Betty Suarez, the frumpy, metal-mouthed lead of ABC's new fashion-world dramedy "Ugly Betty." Or ask America Ferrera, the actress who plays her.


Samaire Armstrong


The bokuto slices through the air, as tough and slender as the 25-year-old woman holding it. "I'm the only white girl in the world who does this," says actress Samaire Armstrong, who uses the wooden…

David Ellis


August 2005. The Hawaiian sky is a brilliant blue, the water a comfortable low 70s. Former pro surfer David Ellis is bobbing in the ocean on his Russ K. longboard, directing a movie.

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