Chad Gervich

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Miami nice


When it comes to romance, "CSI: Miami's" Horatio Caine (David Caruso) may be one of the unluckiest men on television. Yet while the show's lead character can't seem to catch a break, "CSI: Miami's"…

America Ferrera


It ain't easy being ugly. Just ask Betty Suarez, the frumpy, metal-mouthed lead of ABC's new fashion-world dramedy "Ugly Betty." Or ask America Ferrera, the actress who plays her.

David Ellis


August 2005. The Hawaiian sky is a brilliant blue, the water a comfortable low 70s. Former pro surfer David Ellis is bobbing in the ocean on his Russ K. longboard, directing a movie.

Samaire Armstrong


The bokuto slices through the air, as tough and slender as the 25-year-old woman holding it. "I'm the only white girl in the world who does this," says actress Samaire Armstrong, who uses the wooden…

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