Carole Horst


  • Film

Review: ‘The Spree’


Jennifer Beals is Xinia, a lovely cat burglar who has some "issues" with dad (who shows up in the hospital after a 20-year absence) and mom (Rita Moreno, whose role is nothing more than a cameo).

  • TV

Review: ‘TenPercentaries’


Director Joe Ruben (“Sleeping with the Enemy,” “The Good Son”) has signed with Creative Artists Agency. Ruben, who had been at UTA, recently helmed “Force Majeure” for Propaganda Films. After…

Crix pick, nix Oscar best pix


In 70 years, things have not changed. In its best-picture selections, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has loved the spectacle of 1927's "Wings" and the grand scope of 1962's "Lawrence…

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