Carly Milne

Picky, picky


There's plenty of reasons to sign up for meal delivery: No time to cook; can't afford a chef. You're on a diet. You don't like to think about food. Here's another: It's a refuge for picky eaters.



In a town where every night's a party and its residents are vulnerable to last-minute offers of bigger, better deals, a well-designed invitation can be an invaluable emissary. Should it be miniature…

Too cool for the pool


It sounds so simple: Pool party. Sun, water, something on the grill. On July 1, traveling party outfit Xenii hosted a pool party for 900 at a Hollywood Hills mansion. Among the accoutrements: 15…

Party at my house!


If you live in the Hollywood Hills, you know what Armageddon looks like. "It's when the orange cones come out, and the big delivery vans (arrive)," says one resident, a producer of one-hour dramas…

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