Brian Lowry

The Brink TV Review HBO
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TV Review: ‘The Brink’


Owing an absurdist debt to "Dr. Strangelove," "The Brink" tries to excavate comedy, or at least fairly scabrous satire, from the threat of nukes in the hands of a lunatic, and a budding international…

Poldark Review on Masterpiece PBS
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TV Review: ‘Poldark’


"Poldark" made a considerable splash with "Masterpiece" viewers in the mid-1970s, and those who remember — along with their more discriminating children — should find much to like in this sumptuous…

Killjoys TV Review Syfy
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TV Review: ‘Killjoys’


Syfy has put on a few too many dramas that are "original" in only the "new" sense, as if someone were having a sale on generic, vaguely sci-fi concepts partly underwritten by Canadian tax subsidies…

Ballers TV Review HBO
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TV Review: ‘Ballers’


"Entourage" is currently back and in theaters, which makes "Ballers" — the sports-world version of the show — feel even more superfluous. Capitalizing on the mix of money and groupies that surround…

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