Brian Lowry

  • TV

Review: ‘The Sopranos’


Nothing here will spoil developments contained in the first two episodes of "The Sopranos'" final stretch of nine, other than to suggest that they hint of bigger things to come, which represents a…

Rascal Flatts
  • Film

Review: ‘Entourage’


Our little "Entourage" has grown up. Oh sure, it's still a glossy, lighter-than-air vision of Hollywood -- the program most likely to win an Emmy for "best extras casting" if there was one. But the…

Review: ‘Prom Queen’


Michael Eisner's embrace of the "webisode" format will inspire more curiosity than "Prom Queen" probably deserves, unless you have the patience to follow what appears to be a teen murder-mystery told…

Mel Karmazin
  • Film

Review: ‘The Tudors’


A big, bold, opulent gamble, "The Tudors" is not the great series that it might have been, but it's certainly a watchable and diverting one -- lustily combining liberal doses of bodice-ripping with…

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