Brian Lowry

Review: 'I Hate My 30s'


With VH1 having carved out a lucrative niche chronicling the nonscripted (if heavily staged) antics of the once-famous and notorious, it's not much of a surprise that its foray into comedy would be…


  • Film

Review: 'Damages'


Television loves the inherent drama of trials but chafes against the complexities of the law, which is why the intriguing "Damages" -- an FX drama starring Glenn Close -- both warrants a second look…

  • TV

Review: 'Chelsea Lately'


In theory, a snarky, nightly half-hour devoted to entertainment culture makes considerable sense for E!, but in "Chelsea Lately," the network has gotten the idea right and the talent wrong. A poor…

Dave Brown
  • TV

Review: 'The Kill Point'


The two-hour premiere of "The Kill Point" exhibits considerable promise -- a taut if invariably familiar standoff, with John Leguizamo clearly savoring his big "Attica!" moments and Donnie Wahlberg…

NBC puts profits above ratings


The same day Ron Meyer told the New York Times that Universal's film operation should be judged based on profitability, not market share, the studio chief's colleagues at NBC echoed that philosophy.

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