Brian Lowry

  • TV

Review: ‘Galapagos’


The blessings of high-definition are providing a major boost to nature documentaries, if Nat-Geo's "Galapagos" and Discovery's upcoming "Planet Earth" are any indication; both bask in ravishing…

Ron Howard
  • TV

Review: ‘Raines’


A crime procedural tweaked with the slimmest of gimmicks, "Raines" largely boils down to one's appreciation of star Jeff Goldblum, who occupies center stage in practically every scene. Relative to…

  • Film

Review: ‘The Riches’


Alternative families are in vogue right now, but FX's latest -- a blend of "The Grifters," the CW's already-axed "Runaway" and HBO's secrets-behind-closed-doors "Big Love" -- doesn't possess the…

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