Brian Lowry

  • TV

Review: ‘Low Winter Sun’


Dark, violent and convoluted, "Low Winter Sun" is a gory cut below the finer BBC crime dramas -- a muddled mystery whose biggest asset is the coiled, brooding presence of Mark Strong, so good in the…


  • Film

Review: ‘30 Rock’


The symbolism of Jerry Seinfeld's appearance on "30 Rock's" season premiere isn't hard to grasp -- attempting to link the sophomore sitcom to NBC's comedic heyday, as opposed to its perceived status…

Jason Isaacs, Ros Hubbard and Michael
  • TV

Review: ‘Cavemen’


Who says big networks aren't responsive to charges of racial insensitivity? After critics hammered the prototype for "Cavemen," the Geico-based series has made its primetime debut having radically…

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