Brian Lowry


'The Queen'
  • Film

Review: 'Balls of Fury'


Relentlessly silly in spoofing martial-arts movie conventions, "Balls of Fury" has roughly enough laughs for a first-class trailer but wheezes, gasps and finally goes flat through much of its 90…

  • TV

Review: 'Star Jones'


Attempting to be folksy but, instead, proving utterly off-putting, Star Jones made her debut as a Court TV talkshow host this week, delivering yet another reminder that Oprah Winfrey's skills aren't…

Review: 'As You Like It'


Kenneth Branagh's fifth foray into Shakespeare alights in the sheltered gardens of HBO, where the whimsical, romantic "As You Like It" seems better suited than, say, withstanding the challenge of a…

Matt Damon, Billy Crudup

Review: 'God's Warriors'


CNN has pledged to enlarge its footprint in serious documentaries, representing a welcome use of the news network's resources, as opposed to trying to out-Fox Fox News or out-sleaze on Paris…

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