Brian Lowry

Stalker CBS TV Review
  • TV

TV Review: 'Stalker'


Having already tried a "Criminal Minds" spinoff in 2011 subtitled "Suspect Behavior," CBS was somewhat constrained in terms of attempting another overt brand extension. "Stalker," a truly nasty bit…


Makers Women in Comedy Joan Rivers
  • TV

TV Review: AOL's 'Makers'


"Makers," an AOL-backed initiative to chronicle women's strides in traditionally male-dominated fields, kicks off with a decidedly entertainment-industry flavor, with the first two hours devoted to…

"Happyland" TV Review on MTV
  • TV

TV Review: MTV's 'Happyland'


"Happyland" is such a target-rich environment that it's a shame the series feels so indifferently executed and cast. Built around employees of a massive amusement park -- including a few who live in…

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