Brian Lowry


"Eaten Alive" TV Special Review on
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TV Review: 'Eaten Alive'


Discovery Channel made a bit of a splash with the announcement it would air the special "Eaten Alive," about a guy who intends to let himself be engulfed by a giant anaconda, then the network wisely…

The Red Tent TV Review
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TV Review: 'The Red Tent'


Marrying biblical heft with the particular bonds between mothers and daughters (as well as moms' noble sacrifices), Anita Diamant's bestseller "The Red Tent" is a perfect fit for Lifetime…

One Child Sundance TV
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TV Review: 'One Child'


Falling squarely into what has become SundanceTV's niche of spare, slow-moving, decidedly bleak dramas, "One Child" yields a devastating portrait of China's one-child policy and an adopted young…

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