Brian Lowry

Home Fires Masterpiece PBS TV Review
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TV Review: ‘Home Fires’


The embers from World War II burn so brightly that there are an endless number of ways to revisit it. So even if "Home Fires" is the "Masterpiece" equivalent of "small ball" — similar in tone and…

Dr Ken TV Review ABC
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TV Review: ‘Dr. Ken’


Ken Jeong was a doctor before becoming a comic and actor, a bit of biographical trivia that's about the first and last interesting thing associated with "Dr. Ken." Designed to trade off Jeong's…

Code Black TV Review CBS
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TV Review: ‘Code Black’


"Code Black" certainly feels like a misnomer, since it's hard to think of a medical drama that could possibly look more beige. Named after a term for a very specific type of crisis — a moment when a…

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