Brian Lowry

'A Gifted Man'
  • TV

Review: ‘A Gifted Man’


The series features Patrick Wilson as the self-absorbed neurosurgeon who experiences a belated spiritual epiphany, unlocking do-gooder impulses that transform him from talented bastard into something…


  • TV

Review: ‘Revenge’


The money, power and privilege associated with the Hamptons is a ripe setting for a nighttime soap, and a young woman bent on revenge against those responsible for her father's disgrace and death…

  • TV

Review: ‘Prime Suspect’


Knighthood might not be in the cards, but Maria Bello's considerable charisma provides the strongest reason to watch "Prime Suspect," a belated adaptation of the British miniseries that helped put…

'2 Broke Girls'
  • TV

Review: ‘2 Broke Girls’


"2 Broke Girls" has appealing co-stars, a quite functional premise, considerable raunch, a favorable time-slot and one inherent problem: While CBS has enjoyed solid success with its Monday comedies…

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