Brian Lowry

the killing
  • TV

Review: ‘The Killing’


While the two-hour premiere continues sprinkling clues like a Northwest drizzle, garnished with red herrings, one suspects enough people were drawn in by the show's plodding pace -- and still want to…

  • TV

Partisan world limits laughs


In "Mad Men's" season premiere, an ad agency pulls a prank on a rival. The sequence subtly speaks to an earlier time, when such industries were largely homogeneous and the combatants all knew each…

'Frozen Planet'
  • TV

Review: ‘Frozen Planet’


Continuing in the spectacular tradition of "Planet Earth" and "Life," Discovery's "Frozen Planet" is another beautifully mounted addition to what's fast becoming a golden age of nature documentaries…

Mad Men
  • TV

Review: ‘Mad Men’


An 18-month layoff has doubtless stoked anticipation for "Mad Men" among its loyal constituents, and the four-peat Emmy winner returns with its first two-hour launch. Once again, though, series…

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