Boyd van Hoeij

"Hand in Hand"
  • Film

Review: 'Hand in Hand'


A handsome artisan and amateur dancer from the French sticks finds his body virtually glued to that of a haughty Parisian ballet teacher in "Hand in Hand," a contempo, dance-infused variation on the…


Judy Davis, River Phoenix and Jonathan
  • Film

Review: 'Dark Blood'


A Hollywood couple is stranded in more ways than one in "Dark Blood," the resuscitated 1993 feature by Dutch director George Sluizer that was abandoned after the sudden death of star River Phoenix.

  • Film

Review: 'Gone Fishing'


Gentle, unhurried portrait of a middle-aged man somewhat clumsily trying to make amends doesn't have quite enough meat on its bones to become a breakout arthouse hit, but might be a catch for fests…

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