Boyd van Hoeij

"The Nun"
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Review: 'The Nun'


If it weren't for the luminous face of Belgian actress Pauline Etienne ("Restless"), this plodding adaptation of Diderot's anti-clerical novel would be a snoozefest of epic proportions.


Paulo de Figueiredo in “No Man’s
  • Film

Review: 'No Man's Land'


That you don't need more than one riveting talking head and a little intelligence to make a terrific docu is amply demonstrated by "No Man's Land," from Portuguese vid artist and scribe-helmer Salome…

Review: 'Buta'


A countryside schoolboy tries to stand up against an albino bully in the charming and gorgeously assembled "Buta," this year's foreign-language Oscar submission from Azerbaijan. The titular orphan is…

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