Bob Verini

Review: 'The America Play'


Sitting through Suzan-Lori Parks' "The America Play" is not unlike a visit to the theme park serving as her central image. The "Great Hole of History" is where onlookers peer down and confront the…

Review: 'Nightingale'


On the theory that "no one dies who is remembered," Lynn Redgrave expands on a few scraps of family memory to memorialize maternal grandmother Beatrice Kempson as a "Nightingale," singing sweetly but…


Review: 'The Wiz'


To call the La Jolla Playhouse production of "The Wiz" a mere revival is to understate the accomplishment of helmer Des McAnuff and his production team. They have rethought, rescaled and reshaped an…

Review: 'Pig Farm'


Playwright Greg Kotis has a keen ear for genre cliches. His "Urinetown" libretto hoists the socially conscious musical on its own pretentious petard, while his new farce is built on the laconic…

Review: 'Bach at Leipzig'


The nominal premise of "Bach at Leipzig" is that of a competition among Germany's greatest organists, circa 1722, for the coveted post of that city's chief musical director. But if that suggests a…

Review: 'Doubt'


John Patrick Shanley's "Doubt" continues to cast a devastating spell as it makes its first stop on a multicity tour at the Ahmanson. Directed by original helmer Doug Hughes with three Broadway…

Review: 'What to Wear'


It seems only fitting that Los Angeles -- the city of dreams, the glamour factory -- should have been chosen for the world premiere of "What to Wear," the latest of Richard Foreman's diversity…

Sinclair Broadcast Group

Review: 'Urinetown'


Some big Broadway shows, good as they are, improve with shrinkage. Case in point: "Sweeney Todd." As "Sweeney" got teeny, first under helmer Susan H. Schulman and later under John Doyle, its themes…

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