Bob Verini

Jeff Bewkes

Review: 'Where's Poppa?'


The ultimate castrating-mama drama, Robert Klane's adaptation of his novel and 1970 cult film "Where's Poppa?" demands more conviction and guts than it receives from Gordon Hunt's terminally tame…

Review: 'Wicked'


It's easy to carp at the excesses and inefficiency of this prequel/backstory to L. Frank Baum's beloved Oz adventure. Winnie Holzman's libretto is overstuffed with more plot strands than she can do…

Review: 'Just Say No'


Three years after his 1985 "The Normal Heart" took on public and private apathy in the face of the AIDS crisis, Larry Kramer turned his white-hot sights onto the entire U.S. power elite -- including…


Review: 'Life Is a Dream'


Life Is a Dream," Calderon de la Barca's sublime musing on power, honor and the human psyche, is so rarely performed in English that any appearance would be notable, even an interpretation as…

Review: 'Altar Boyz'


Bolstered by the original production team, including Stafford Arima's expert pacing and Natasha Katz's amusing concert mini-pyrotechnics, this lighthearted mix of evangelical messaging and pop seems…

Review: 'The Four of Us'


Those familiar with Itamar Moses' "Bach in Leipzig" and his intellectual debt to Tom Stoppard will not be surprised to learn that the title of his world-premiere two-hander "The Four of Us" refers…

Review: 'A Picasso'


Jeffrey Hatcher sets out to evoke the signature artist of the 20th century in just over an hour at the Geffen Playhouse. Of course each biographer or dramatist will choose to emphasize different…

'My Name is Rachel Corrie'

Review: 'Speed-the-Plow'


David Mamet's "Speed-the-Plow" contains everything anyone could want in a comedy: copious laughs; a suspenseful plot; a significant moral question at its core; and brevity. It's Hollywood playing…

Review: 'Baby'


A concert staging is the ideal showcase for tuners that deserve appreciation but are unlikely to merit a full pro revival. So it is with Richard Maltby and David Shire's 1983 paean to parenthood…

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