Bob Verini

Review: 'My Wandering Boy'


Early arrivers to Julie Marie Myatt's "My Wandering Boy" see a stage containing a giant black wall with a square arch cut away to reveal a hint of Western sky and black hills, and a diagonal ground…


Beyonce Knowles

Review: 'Distracted'


Are you the parent of one of 2 million American kids who swear a blue streak, won't sit still or obey and act out 24/7? Worried about a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and the dizzying range of treatment…

Review: 'Cuttin' Up'


Just as Regina Taylor's "Crowns" celebrated the plumage and indomitability of African-American women, "Cuttin' Up" gives equal time to the men whose world centers on the urban barbershop.

Review: 'Beautiful Thing'


Though its main story is the burgeoning love affair of two East London teenage boys, Jonathan Harvey's "Beautiful Thing" is too rich to be pigeonholed as a "gay play." By adding three other…

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