Bob Verini

Review: ‘Hamlet’


Darko Tresnjak's Old Globe outdoor "Hamlet" lives in the 16th century as surely as did Shakespeare himself. With the actors brilliantly clad by Robert Morgan in period garb, the festival stage brims…

  • Biz

Hazardous impact


"We had faces then!" cried Norma Desmond in "Sunset Boulevard," clearly reflecting a simpler, more innocent time. Today's famed female entertainment figures, along with their fetching visages, are…

Review: ‘Hay Fever’


An inability to distinguish between high comedy and farce, and between "artificial" and "fake," has crippled many a production of Wilde, Shaw and Orton, and it accounts for the Old Globe's woeful…

Review: ‘The Deception’


Marivaux, master dissector of passion's complex emotional and verbal skeins, might not immediately recognize his 1720 "The False Servant" in the world premiere of Theatre de la Jeune Lune's retitled…

Dan Mazer

Review: ‘Avenue Q’


The "Avenue Q" national tour, eagerly anticipated since tuner's surprise 2004 Tony sweep, was forestalled by an abortive Vegas engagement one year later. Its first leg has launched in San Diego under…

Review: ‘Can-Can’


At minimum, any musical entitled "Can-Can" promises hot dancing, pretty girls, lively comedy and a colorful period setting. Unfortunately, those qualities evaporate by intermission in the Pasadena…

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