Bob Verini

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Secret lunch honors Ladd


There's an upscale Los Angeles restaurant whose identity we must keep secret, on pain of incurring the wrath of Mel Brooks. (It's good to be the King.) Every Friday, a group assembles there for lunch.

Review: ‘Black Watch’


Shifting fluidly among three distinct levels of theatrical representation, "Black Watch" at its best is a stinging and often heartwrenching primer on the hearts and minds of soldiers today and, by…

Review: ‘Clay’


A young white boy from Chicago is currently singing, dancing and acting all the roles in a kick-butt, rhyme-busting musical drama, during whose run the Kirk Douglas Theater had better keep up the…

Review: ‘Third’


If we're going to get past this red state/blue state polarization nonsense, writers are going to have to pitch in. Op-ed pundits, speechwriters and (yes) playwrights need to start blending us into…

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