Bob Verini

Emily Osment

Review: 'It's Only Life'


Performing the evidently autobiographical "The Artist at 40" to kick off John Bucchino's catalog revue "It's Only Life," Jamison Stern complains he's "so busy making art / That there's no time to…

Review: 'The Who's Tommy'


Only one show in town can boast no risk of cell phone rage. Your Bose headphones firmly in place at "The Who's Tommy" -- piping in Steve Margoshes' pulsating La Jolla and Broadway orchestrations and…


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Review: 'A Chorus Line'


Step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch ... again. The touring "A Chorus Line" carefully respects and duplicates the trappings -- if not always the tone -- of Michael Bennett's long-running…

Review: 'Red Dog Howls'


"Red Dog Howls," premiering at the El Portal, proceeds to a remarkable 11th-hour confession made, in 1986, by a survivor of the 1915 Armenian genocide at the hands of Ottoman Turks. Simply and…

Review: 'Pippin'


The visual and rhythmic pleasures of East West Players' anime and hip-hop-influenced "Pippin" almost permit one to overlook the production's undercooked execution. But for all the eye candy, the ear…

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