Bob Verini

Review: ‘No Child. . .’


Nilaja Sun's "No Child …," dramatizing a trip down a rabbit hole into the bizarro world of urban public schools, is a bracing antidote to the pompous rhetoric of an election year. In its understated…

Tom Freston

Review: ‘Othello’


Although Shakespeare's plays were written for all-male performance, modern unigender productions, especially of the tragedies, usually come off as gratuitous and ly trivial. Happily, the all-female…

Review: ‘Cabaret’


Every new "Cabaret" seems to strain harder to invest the Kander and Ebb musicalization of Christopher Isherwood's "Berlin Stories" with a profound statement about the Third Reich and/or universal…

Review: ‘The Seven’


As far as legit goes, hip-hop's driving rhythms and audacious rhyme schemes have been largely restricted to poetry slams and one-person shows. Now they triumphantly represent in the telling of "The…

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