Bob Verini

Review: 'Parade'


The demanding, widely underappreciated 1994 tuner "Parade" may be coming into its own. An acclaimed 2007 revival at London's Donmar Warehouse was scaled down in scope even as it ratcheted up the…

Review: 'Of Equal Measure'


In her new play at the Kirk Douglas, Tanya Barfield isn't content merely to catalog the racism and hypocrisy of Woodrow Wilson's second term (1917-1921). She's determined to underline every possible…


Mark Burnett

Review: 'Looped'


The spectacle of the Diva in extremis -- from Margo Channing and Maria Callas to Kate Hepburn -- promises outrageous fun while threatening to veer into crude cliche. Both are abundantly present in…

Review: 'Romeo and Juliet'


The Old Globe's lovely but empty "Romeo and Juliet" plays the first half as a blithe Italian Renaissance romantic comedy, until an inadvertent misstep suddenly plunges all concerned into chiaroscuro…

Emily Osment

Review: 'It's Only Life'


Performing the evidently autobiographical "The Artist at 40" to kick off John Bucchino's catalog revue "It's Only Life," Jamison Stern complains he's "so busy making art / That there's no time to…

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