Bob Verini

'Back Back Back'

Review: 'Back Back Back'


Itamar Moses rifles baseball's lockers for drugs and thematic resonance in "Back Back Back," a play whose nine scenes or "innings" (with a stretch in the seventh) merit some of the charges often…

'The Third Story'

Review: 'The Third Story'


Three concurrent narratives comprising "The Third Story" allow each tale to speak to the others, chattering away on the gender-bending star Charles Busch's familiar themes of stifling motherhood and…



Review: 'Agamemnon'


The Getty Villa's outdoor presentation of "Agamemnon," part one of the Oresteia trilogy, mightily meets the two main challenges of staging Aeschylus and his Greek brethren for a modern audience.


Review: 'Memphis'


Beale Street -- that mile-long black enclave leading east from the Mississippi, fabled as a home of the blues and cradle of rock 'n' roll -- is the vibrant setting as "Memphis explores America's…

Review: 'Educating Rita'


Willy Russell's venerable intellectual comedy "Educating Rita," featuring an alcoholic poet manque and a sassy hairdresser hungry for learning, ought to be a duet for cello and flute. The Colony…

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