Bob Verini

'Stormy Weather'

Review: 'Stormy Weather'


Leslie Uggams' triumphant evocation of Lena Horne's spirit and talent is the main attraction, but bio-tuner "Stormy Weather" at the Pasadena Playhouse also boasts a cavalcade of sizzling standards, a…


Review: 'Pippin'


Roger O. Hirson and Stephen Schwartz's 1972 "Pippin" meshes nicely with Deaf West Theater's performance style, though it falls well short of the company's "Big River," which sailed from the Mark…

'You, Nero'

Review: 'You, Nero'


Those who view "American Idol" and ultra-violent videogame "Manhunt 2" as harbingers of Western civilization's imminent demise will find a kindred spirit in Amy Freed's "You, Nero."

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