Bob Ellison

Don Rickles


In 1948, Truman was president, gas was 26¢ a gallon and Don Rickles fired off his first professional insult. Now, at 82 years spry and (still) sassy, the legendary "Merchant of Venom" (who has hurled…

Chris Rock


Conventional wisdom suggests that standup comedians don't fare well abroad, but Chris Rock proved them wrong this year, pulling off 2008's biggest international tour, a $23 million affair with 141…

Inside the war room


War is hell. And pulling together all the necessary elements -- military manpower, jets, tanks, subs and choppers to make combat look authentic on film -- can require the patience of Job, the stamina…

Sandra Bullock


Passion. Patience. An unlikely combo. But a perfect blending in the career of Sandra Bullock, who has just shifted gears with a soul-baring turn in "Crash," while unleashing the universal angry…

  • Film

Diane Lane


When director Adrian Lyne needed a star who could handle the complex role of a happily married suburban wife and mother who tumbles into a heady affair with a younger man, he went to Diane Lane, not…

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