Bob Bows

Denver mounts summit


When Kent Thompson came aboard as artistic director for the Denver Center Theater Company, he outlined a broad vision that included a new-play program, increased work by minorities and fund-raising…

Review: ‘All My Sons’


In choosing to begin his tenure with Arthur Miller's first Broadway hit, new Denver Center Theater Company artistic director Kent Thompson is paying homage not only to one of America's greatest…

Review: ‘The Dead Guy’


We all knew it was coming. We saw it in the debate over closed-circuit TV executions. From the original cheeky British home makeovers to the consummately American "Survivor" series, there was only…

Review: ‘The Man Himself’


Capturing these details in the life of one man -- a parts manager for an electronics company in southwest Denver -- Alan Drury's localized adaptation of his work "The Man Himself" (a longtime staple…

Review: ‘Sisters’


As she has throughout her illustrious career, Anna Manahan continues to create definitive stage characterizations for Ireland's greatest writers. Now, at 82, after interpreting the words of Sean…

Review: ‘Othello’


Given the intricacies of time and place woven into the plots, adapting Shakespearean drama is fraught with danger. When it fails, as it most often does, it is usually because the new circumstances…

Review: ‘The Madwoman’


Jean Giraudoux may have had the Third Reich in mind when he wrote this piece in Vichy France in 1943, but like his contemporary, George Orwell, he could not have been more prescient if he had visited…

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