Bob Bows

Review: ‘Inana’


The depth and breadth of damage done to Persian civilization has been severe throughout the reign of Saddam and the war under President Bush. But in this touching portrait of an Iraqi anthropologist…

Rupert Murdoch

Review: ‘End Days’


The accelerating speed of historical events makes it hard to write a topical play. Couple this with the difficulty of getting a play produced, and the window of opportunity for a new work to run in…

Review: ‘A Chorus Line’


The successful 2006 Broadway revival of the long-running "A Chorus Line" hit the road with loads of traction in a spirited Mile High City tour premiere. The immediacy of the original bare-bones…

Review: ‘Gee’s Bend’


Look up quilting and you're likely to find a reference to Gee's Bend, Ala. The isolated peninsula on the Alabama River is home to a unique community of former African-American slaves who stitch…

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