Beth Laski

  • TV

Girl toons rule


Pepper Ann Pearson is 12 years old. She's spunky, quirky and stars in her own animated series. And she's not alone anymore. In fact, "Pepper Ann" fits right in with current primetime and…

  • Film

The artful dodger


Since Chris Carter sees "The X-Files" television episodes as "little movies for the small screen," making "The X-Files" feature film seemed to him to be the obvious next step.

Denzel swims new waters


ShoWest’s 1997 Male Star of the Year is an out-of-work actor. “What I’m loving right now is not having a job,” says a casual and seemingly relaxed Denzel Washington. “For the first time in a long…

Big Bird’s nest is undisturbed


Sunny day. Everything’s a-okay. So goes the “Sesame Street” theme song, but the phrase familiar to millions of kids can also be used to describe the relationship between the show’s producer, Children…

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