Army Archerd

It’s Back To Mumbai


"Slumdog Millionaire" director Danny  Boyle tells me he’s returning to Mumbai next week.He has not been back since August, having completed filming there  in February.  He arrived again in N.Y…

UCLA — A Winner


Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were receiving congrats from everyone. They had masterminded the unique showmanship that filled UCLA’s Royce Hall Stage, Tuesday night under the banner of "One Night Only." …

What Took So Long?


How about this — honesty in showbiz! The press handout starts with: "Before you see the Tom Cruise Hollywood blockbuster [‘Valkyrie’]…" the History Channel advised us to view their "Valkyrie: The…

Now What?


It was a happy wedding party, but it was before the passage of Proposition 8. Judge Judy officiated and there was a wonderful bond between the wedding couple and many of the guests. Longtime partners…

Whatta Honeymoon


I phoned Theo Bikel today to congratulate him. He had mailed me an announcement that he and pianist-conductor Tamara Brooks were married Nov. 11 by her cousin, Judge Carmen Ciparick, in N.Y. (He had…

The Sounds of Music


There’s a new plaque going up on the wall of the Mark Taper Forum. It honors Michael Feinstein. At the conclusion of Monday’s spectacular "Salon At The Taper" honoring Frank Loesser, while the…

Real Hollywood History


His birthday isn’t until Nov. 30 but daughter Stephanie wanted to surprise him. So, on Saturday, she produced a 90th birthday spectacular toast to her father Efrem Zimbalist,Jr. at Lakeside Country…

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