Army Archerd

Adios, Amigo


 Ricardo Montalban was the most popular guy at Fairfax High school when he moved to Hollywood from Mexico. He was the most popular guy on the MGM lot in Culver City when he was signed as a contract…

Well, Did You See It?


"Pardon Me — But You Must See It" was the headline on my Nov. 19 story after seeing "Slumdog Millionaire" the night before on the bigscreen at the Landmark complex in Westwood. The next morning I…

Right Off Stage


I reached Susan Anton (by phone) as she came off stage this afternoon, having completed the  first show in her run (until March 7) at the Palm Springs Follies. It's her first time on these boards…

Confessing “Doubt”


It was that time of the year again — my annual phone call to Bethlehem,  Bethlehem, Connecticut  to Mother Dolores at the  Abbey  of Regina Laudis. I have known her since she, as Dolores  Hart…

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