Army Archerd

Bowl-ing Over


On Super Bowl Sunday, in Hollywood's halcyon days, Dave Chasen threw open the doors to the kitchen of his celeb-saturated eatery and Pierre Cossette hosted the feed. Everyone carted his own dish to…

To Party — Or Not?


 Of course there'll be some celebrating somewhere — before, during and after the Oscars — but it ain't the same. Graydon Carter tells me, "It's hard for this sort of  economic devastation not to…

Let The Show Now Begin


You — and I — have had a day to digest the Oscar nominees, and so have Laurence Mark and Bill Condon, producer and exec producer respectively of the Feb.22 show. So I phoned them to see if they are…

Remembering Washington


As she watched the inauguration ceremonies-on television,–along with the rest of us millions–Shirley Temple recalled (on the phone) her days in D.C. She had been  Chief of Protocol at the White House…

Who’da Thunk It?


"In my lifetime — cigarettes are gone — and Barack Obama is President of the United States of America!" Cloris Leachman is beyond exuberant on the phone today. "It's amazing to believe," says the…

The Hegira Begins


Showbiz friends, past and present, of President-elect Barack Obama have started to converge on D.C. For instance, I spoke on the phone with Dionne Warwick as she was arriving in D.C. today to host…

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