Army Archerd

Bowl-ing Over


On Super Bowl Sunday, in Hollywood's halcyon days, Dave Chasen threw open the doors to the kitchen of his celeb-saturated eatery and Pierre Cossette hosted the feed. Everyone carted his own dish to…

To Party — Or Not?


 Of course there'll be some celebrating somewhere — before, during and after the Oscars — but it ain't the same. Graydon Carter tells me, "It's hard for this sort of  economic devastation not to…

Let The Show Now Begin


You — and I — have had a day to digest the Oscar nominees, and so have Laurence Mark and Bill Condon, producer and exec producer respectively of the Feb.22 show. So I phoned them to see if they are…

Remembering Washington


As she watched the inauguration ceremonies-on television,–along with the rest of us millions–Shirley Temple recalled (on the phone) her days in D.C. She had been  Chief of Protocol at the White House…

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