Army Archerd

Patience With Patients


We were rushing in, alongside Maria Shriver, down the long corridor on the second floor of the grand old Beverly Hills Library to the auditorium to cheer a friend, "The Physician to the Stars" — per…

Will Keely Like Her?


I phoned Keely Smith in Palm Springs to hear her very personal feelings on Taylor Hackford"s very personal production of  "Louis and Keely Live At The Sahara" whch he bows (financially and…

That’s Shoe Biz


The gorgeous set of gams on the post card caught my eye –but Selma pointed out the name alongside 'em, in the highstepping shoes, was "Dana Davis." We wondered if the card was indeed from the…

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1969: Bob Hope recovering


Bob Hope, who has been in complete darkness since Tuesday -- with adhesive patches covering both eyes -- has been cheered by stacks of letters, wires -- and fone calls from President Richard Nixon…

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