Anthony Kaufman

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Kelley Sane


Kelley Sane found a roundabout way into screenwriting. He studied economics, played professional tennis and worked as a photographer (he's snapped Kevin Spacey, Charlize Theron and ads for Pepsi). He…

They’ve got issues


If the Tribeca Film Festival must address Sept. 11 and the wars that followed, executive director Peter Scarlet says it's not because the event was founded just months after 9/11 or is based just…


Patrick Stettner


Stettner enjoys probing "the truth of people who tell lies," he says. A graduate of Columbia U.'s film school and the son of New York street photographer Louis Stettner, the Gotham-based…

Ryan Fleck


Growing up, Fleck's favorite TV show was "Siskel and Ebert." "Being a movie critic was the first job I ever wanted," he says. But his socialist parents helped marry his love for movies with political…

Neil Burger


"How do you know what's real?" asks Burger, citing one of his favorite themes. After materializing in 2002 with his pseudo-documentary "Interview With the Assassin," Burger returns with romantic…

George Clooney


George Clooney is full of surprises. Whether as political activist or Las Vegas mogul, the A-list actor is constantly upending the standard celebrity profile. With his second directorial effort…

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