Alison Manheim

Entering the entourage


Make room in the entourage: Here comes the real estate agent. "Kings had their court and the president has his cabinet," says one actress who keeps a Realtor in her back pocket. "Why wouldn't I have…

Tourist trap


Speed dating for the architecture world. That's the idea behind CA Boom's Fall 2006 Design and Architecture Series, a tour that allows up-and-coming architects to present their work for would-be…

Furniture doctor


This is the 50th anniversary of the Eames lounge chair. Alfie Hume is in the business of making sure they don't show their age. An affable Brit who now lives and works in Venice, Hume lives to take…

Plant it there


"You can't put a cheap, ugly planter at the front door of a $10 million home," says Inner Gardens owner Stephen Block. It's this kind of thinking that's creating a boom in container gardening. Once…

Here comes the sun


When Michael Braden designed his Venice home with solar-powered electrical and water systems, he wanted to avoid electric bills. Now, he still gets envelopes from the Los Angeles Dept. of Water…

Best laid plans


Building a home from plans is a lot like going through development. "When you buy a lot with plans, you become the producer and the script evolves," says Winston Cenac of Bulldog Realtors in Venice…

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