Alan Rich


Review: ‘Die Walkuere’


"Die Walkuere," part two of the mighty "Das Rheingold" cycle, saw a complex drama unfold on a stark, menacing, almost empty stage that became a drama in itself, with the billows of Teutonic tragedy…

'Das Rheingold'

Review: ‘Das Rheingold’


The world began on the stage of Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on Saturday night and, through a series of small and large disasters, was led to the prospect of a glowing future. That's what happens at the…


Review: ‘Carmen’


Same old, same old, ho-hum. The company's latest "Carmen" is a re-run of the 2004 first run; the temptation is to re-run our words from that occasion: no, the company still hasn't got it right.

'The Fly'

Review: ‘The Fly’


At the press conference prior to "The Fly" opening, director David Cronenberg went to some length to insist that the Howard Shore opera he was about to direct was far different from the 1986 film he…

'Il Trittico'

Review: ‘Il Trittico’


Puccini's operatic smorgasbord -- three one-act, hourlong music dramas, different in content but alike in the excellence of their fashioning -- provided a capacity crowd with something for everyone…

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