Adam B. Vary

Sarah Chalke, 'Scrubs'


Sure, NBC's "Scrubs" features madcap running gags, shamelessly silly cutaway fantasy sequences and a heroic amount of male nudity. And yet the enduring appeal of the medical comedy is arguably how…

Yunjin Kim, 'Lost'


Though the producers of ABC's "Lost" insist they have a master plan, they also seem to insist on keeping their large ensemble cast in the dark as to what that plan is exactly. "Everything about…

Showrunner overdrive


If cinema is a director's medium and the stage an actor's true home, then episodic television is very often the domain of the writer-producer, especially the showrunner, or, as the standard credit…


Beyond 'Brokeback'


In a year that saw arguably the most numerous and varied mainstreamed movies ever with lesbian, gay, bi and transgendered characters, the feature film nominees for this year's GLAAD Media Awards…

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Stephen Gaghan, 'Syriana'


Gaghan recalls sipping iced espressos at a Parisian cafe with Robert Baer, the CIA operative whose book "See No Evil" was the catalyst for his film, when Jean-Paul Belmondo approached them thinking…

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