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    • I Feel Pretty review

      ‘I Feel Pretty’

      Amy Schumer’s fearless body-image satire addresses the self-esteem issues created in a culture obsessed with appearance.

    • Super Troopers 2

      ‘Super Troopers 2’

      A sequel to the 2002 cult comedy finds our idiot heroes making bad ’80s jokes that feel even mustier than they did the first time.

    • Come Sunday

      ‘Come Sunday’

      Chiwetel Ejiofor excels as a preacher rethinking his faith in this look at power struggles in the Evangelical community.

    • Redoubtable Cannes

      ‘Godard Mon Amour’

      A film about Jean-Luc Godard’s love life that’s irreverent enough to work, though the biopic is really about Godard’s breakup with movies.

    • Westworld Season 2

      ‘Westworld’ Season 2

      “Westworld” is actually at its best when it is less intent on importance and attempts to simply entertain.

    • Budapest, Hungary - Antonio Banderas stars

      ‘Genius: Picasso’

      The more “Genius: Picasso” focuses on that divide between the young firebrand and older laggard, the better the series is.

    • Lost in Space

      ‘Lost in Space’

      The Robot is kind of cool. Unfortunately for this adventure tale, most members of the Robinson family are bland or annoying.

    • My Fair Lady review

      ‘My Fair Lady’

      Lincoln Center Theater opens its heart (and its superb Vivian Beaumont stage) to that most beloved of musicals, “My Fair Lady.”

    • Mean Girls musical

      ‘Mean Girls’

      Tina Fey’s catty book and Nell Benjamin’s saucy lyrics pump laughs into this smart musical-comedy version of the 2004 movie.

    • Angels in America review

      ‘Angels in America’

      The National Theatre revival brings Tony Kushner’s play back to New York 25 years after the epic won a Putlizer and two Tonys.

    • Lobby Hero

      ‘Lobby Hero’

      Second Stage christens the Hayes Theater with an affectionate revival of this 2001 play by Kenneth Lonergan starring Chris Evans.


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