TV Review: ‘Marvel’s Iron Fist’ on Netflix

Marvel's Iron Fist
Cara Howe/Netflix

Marvel’s Iron Fist” is deadly — in all the wrong ways.

Quite a few dramas in the streaming arena have pacing problems, and even Netflix’s better Marvel programs have displayed an affinity for contrived, time-killing subplots. But “Iron Fist” is the most frustrating and ferociously boring example of Netflix Drift in some time.

Not one element of this plodding piece works. The action scenes lack spark, snap, and originality. None of the flat, by-the-numbers characters makes any lasting impression. And as origin stories go, the tale of Danny Rand (Finn Jones), at least as rendered by this creative team, is about as exciting as a slice of Velveeta cheese left out in the sun too long. It takes forever for anything to happen on “Iron Fist,” and as it stumbles along, the uninspired production design, unexceptional cinematography, and painful dialogue fail to distract the viewer from the overall lack of depth, detail, or momentum.

Good luck, bingers: Getting through two episodes was a challenge.

The foundations of “Iron Fist” are very familiar, but, of course, that’s not necessarily an obstacle to the success of a big-screen or small-screen comic-book story. Given a bit of verve and originality, not to mention excellent casting, even the most well-worn grooves of a superhero story can provide enjoyment or, at the very least, competent escapism.


Arrow Jessica Jones Supergirl

Superhero TV Shows Ranked From Worst to Best

But this time around, the pillars of the “Iron Fist” story aren’t given much of anything except a very slow rollout. The once-wealthy Rand is the hollow center of a fish-out-of-water tale: He has been presumed dead for 15 years when he returns to Manhattan to reclaim the legacy of his parents, who are also thought to have perished in a plane crash. We get repetitive scenes of characters not believing that Rand is Rand (and pointing out that he’s forgotten to wear shoes), but there’s not much point in making this TV show if the lead character isn’t Rand, and that fact helps drain the early installments of any suspense.

The story of an rich young orphan who is called to a higher purpose or acquires superpowers is a pop-culture scenario that’s been seen many times before, but everything from “The Lego Batman Movie” to the early seasons of “Arrow” are proof that, in the right hands, there’s life in that premise. Jones, however, is so bland and charisma-free in the lead role that one longs for scenes in which Jessica Henwick turns up as a martial arts instructor. But Henwick, who is saddled with an underwritten role, and fellow cast member David Wenham, who was great in “Top of the Lake,” can’t free this show from the atmosphere of dry, meandering tedium that continually envelops it.

Why couldn’t Henwick be the star of “Iron Fist”? Or another actor of Asian descent? After all, part of what made “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage” stand out were the distinct identities and concerns their protagonists carried into battle. Imagine an “Iron Fist” in which an Asian actor with a great deal of presence and real fighting chops (which Jones lacks) plays a man trying to reclaim his business empire from a group of white characters who don’t trust him and underestimate his skills. Those kinds of social, political, and moral clashes among specific characters and cultures could have amped up the drama — assuming the episodes didn’t take forever to establish relationships and dilemmas. 

Even if you can put aside issues of cultural appropriation — and the ham-fisted “Iron Fist” doesn’t make that easy, given that it feeds its yoga-bro lead character a series of inert lines about Shaolin wisdom and Buddhist teachings — this superhero drama just feels inessential.

“If you want to see the truth, then hold no opinions,” Rand intones at one point. Well, it’s part of this gig to issue assessments, and the truth is, “Iron Fist” is as disposable as aluminum foil.

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TV Review: 'Marvel's Iron Fist' on Netflix

Drama; 13 episodes (2 reviewed); Netflix; Fri., March 17. 60 min.


Executive producers, Scott Buck, Jeph Loeb, Jim Chory, John Dahl, Cindy Holland, Allie Goss, Alison Engel, Kris Henigman, Alan Fine, Stan Lee, Joe Queseda, Dan Buckley.


Finn Jones, David Wenham, Jessica Henwick, Jessica Stroup, Tom Pelphrey, Rosario Dawson, Carrie-Anne Moss

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  1. aand this is where I’ve lost of respect of MR as critic… then now you can add the whole 13 reason why debacle to it…

  2. Tony Farrell says:

    I love many of the comments before mine. The reviewer warned binge watchers that getting through two episodes was tough -funny I knocked back 5 episodes without blinking and if it were not for needing sleep for work I’d have done more before stopping. But then again growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, as a kid reading bronze age comics (Power man and Iron Fist was a among my favorites), I can remember all the horrible attempts to bring comics to life. Of course Batman from the 60’s in syndicate, Spider-man, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Shazam, Captain America, Dr. Strange and the guest appearance by Thor -all horrible and campy. But I was just excited to see them come to life, even if badly done with poor production. I guess reviews like this are what happen when you’re spoiled. When i watch these shows I am like a starving man that was given a Big Mac. Is it the most nutritional meal? No, but it beats being hungry! I can appreciate Marvel and DC’s honest attempt to bring these beloved characters to life because I remember when they were missing the mark completely. So sorry that critics don’t feel that Iron Fist was a Golden Globes winner, I didn’t feel like it needed to be.

  3. After I have read in The Beauty Insiders who will be playing Iron Fist, I was like, maybe he will be taking on martial arts studies, but noooh, yeah the series is riddled with awkward fight scenes

  4. Asking questions are in fact good thing if you are not understanding anything completely, except this article gives fastidious understanding even.

  5. David Filipe Fonseca Francisco says:

    please dont review anything again. you are very bad at it. all you see is sj. pls look at the art and stop trying to change the world to your sick fantasy by making worthless reviews. if you want to make a change go volunteer to africa or something. you know, somewhere where you can actually work hard and make a real change for the best. worst whishes xoxo

  6. Robert J Lafayette says:

    Seems to me that these reviewers who are posting horrible ratings have been watching something other than what I’ve been watching.

    To me as a Netflix subscriber I’m happy that series was aired.

    It seems to me the reviewers ought to give their payroll money back to the companies that hire them.

    I for one enjoy the series. Period.

  7. Matthew P says:

    Who cares about the PC issues? I’ve waited sooooo long to see an Iron Fist movie, I originally wanted Chuck Norris to play him! This show was horrendous. Finn was the wrong choice for Danny Rand and the writing was horrible. “I’m the Iron Fist from Kim Lun!” And then he “fights”, looking like my wife’s yoga instructor from SoHo. FOH. Fuck the writing, they should have at least nailed the fight scenes. They ranged from laughable to underwhelming. Worse scene: Henwick inexplicably forgets how to fight so wack ass Finn can beat her while sparring, just so we can see how “great” he is. Unforgivable. He’s not even remotely good. Finn needs a martial arts tutor. ASAP.

  8. Twinkletoes says:

    What ruined the show is not the actor’s race. Full stop.

    What ruined the show is that Netflix cast a person with no martial arts training and very weak acting skills. Period.

    How could they possibly set the bar at Daredevil for fight scenes and then pull these shenanigans with regards to a series CENTERED AROUND MARTIAL ARTS. The acting in Into The Badlands is awful, yet the show stands miles above Iron Fist. It’s pretty easy to see why.

    What a joke and a turd. People should be fired and Netflix should immediately reboot this thing. The lead character in a series should not make me want to turn off the show, cancel my Netflix subscription, and erase the visuals of that idiotic “fighting” from my memory with a .45.

    And I haven’t even started talking about the script and dialogue weaknesses…

  9. illustrator says:

    Sorry. This show was beyond worthless. Vapid, flat, bad acting, terrible dialog, ridiculous fight scenes and it couldn’t even find an original villain. Absolutely the worst thing I’ve seen in a while. I’m a big fan of the comics, and this was a heartless, gutless, brainless lazy adaptation form people who should have known better. Warner Bros should get the hell out of comic films- they always screw them up.

    • cngeeks says:

      You’re quite right, this show fell flat. As I watched it I kept waiting for something profound to happen to redeem this boring, badly written, poorly directed, horrible fight choreography mess of a show, but alas I remain disappointed.

    • Finally, some common sense. Most of the commenters below latched onto one sentence from the review, about a boring white actor who could have been replaced by a charismatic Asian actor. Let’s be honest: “Iron Fist” is awful and the reviewer provided a detailed explanation why. And judging by the trailers, I think the new (unnecessary) adaptation of “Ghost in the Shell” will be disappointing, too, and not only because of the shameless whitewashing of Major Kusanagi.

  10. Funkmasterrex says:

    You review 2 episodes of 6 released to the press of a 13 episode serious and complain it’s slow? Breaking Bad was also slow for 2 episodes. I’m just saying.

    I’ve watched all of it. There is a very specific reason the first two episodes act the way they do. The audience was never meant to question who Danny was; everyone around him was. Everyone around him does. That’s a huge part of what happens. Even the people of K’un Lun ask if he’s even supposed to be the Iron Fist. Literally every single person he comes across (minus the guy in the park) question him.

    I’m sorry if you found it a bore, but you obviously wrote the show off before you watched the first two episodes; in the exact same way everyone did too Danny. Congratulations on living the antithesis of the point of the show.

  11. Rick gillies says:

    I thought the show was well done it was entertaining fight scenes were pretty good and I liked most of the characters

  12. Concerned Reader says:

    Ms. Ryan, if your gig is to deliver the truth, then you need to stop being selective with it.

    Through omission that only the first six episodes were made available to reviewers, this review suggests that you saw all 13 episodes of the series before it aired. Did you? If so, that’s highly unusual and should be clarified. If not, then such a disclaimer is essential — especially in any form of journalism. If you didn’t see all 13 episodes, I suppose you could post a correction, but that wouldn’t correct the initial error of not being forthright in your review.

    And did each of the supposedly repetitive scenes of characters reacting to Danny’s assertions that he was Danny really all end in them not believing his claims? (Hint: The answer is no.)

    Not sure how someone can see the truth if they can’t show it themselves.

  13. Clicks and clicks says:

    “13 episodes (2 reviewed)”


  14. It’s not the best series I’ve ever seen but it doesn’t deserve the out of scale hate it’s been getting from reviewer who are like way too tired of watching all media for a living (including a lot of bad stuff) and they’re getting resentful while choosing to take it out on content creators and the fans.

    This series is essentially chewing gum for the mind. Tasty, engaging and not meant to linger on the palate.

    I was hooked after the first episode. Decent acting, easy to follow plot, nice clothes and really interesting sets of all kinds. Lots of eye candy. And definitely enjoyable despite what all the bitter (those who cannot to do critisize) critics write.

  15. vice says:

    “Why couldn’t Henwick be the star of “Iron Fist”? Or another actor of Asian descent? After all, part of what made “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage” stand out were the distinct identities and concerns their protagonists carried into battle”

    Iron Fist has always been white.

  16. Mark Dobson says:

    I respect that people get paid as critics to give their opinions on shows, but that is all they’re doing, giving their opinion, and over the decades I’ve seen many movies, television shows etc. that critics panned and I Ioved them, because everyone’s opinions differ. I read all these comics as a youngster and liked in order of most to not as much Netflix’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with Iron Fist, which looks like a decently faithful recreation from the source material, and then I’ll form my own opinion. I’m also looking forward to seeing what they do with the Defenders and what villain Sigourney Weaver will be portraying. I feel badly for people who want the source material to change to fit their preferences or world view, but with CGI and VR maybe in the not too distant future every viewer can input all their preferences and the show will alter to conform to each viewer including each characters’ race, religion, gender identity, spoken language, etc. Short of that the producers can’t possibly please everyone. Abraham Lincoln knew that in the 1860’s. :)

  17. Norman says:

    If y’all really cared about diversity, you’d be asking for an Arab playing Danny rather than trying to maintain the long term stereotype of Asians being kung fu masters by default. Lol…
    These reviews are disgusting, trying to say that a white man, who has spent 15 years among Asians learning martial arts, has no business being the best fighter or having knowledge of Asian traditions.

  18. Ken says:

    It must be nice to have white privilege.

    Most of you need read up history of Asian American potrayal in media. Then come back to this forum. You’ll see how wrong and narrow minded most posters are. .

  19. Truth Sayer says:

    Won’t watch it.. already saw Last Samurai.. We ALL get it, white people do everything better than everyone else, even after they only spent three months learning a skill that it takes a nation of people (who invented/discovered it btw) of another ethnicity a lifetime to master. How insecure must one be to need CONSTANT validation, whether it be blatantly false, that you’re the best at everything… maybe your mothers don’t hug you enough?? Have at it. Minorities are fully capable of watching a show devoid of anyone we can relate too personally, and are able to gleem the lessons within about humanity. Clearly thats asking too much of non-minorities.. treating others as you would have them treat you is too vast a concept to grasp, why would anyone expect this to be different

  20. Jordan Lund says:

    If you wanted an Asian character, you should be looking for an adaptation of Shang Chi: Master of Kung Fu. There’s no need to race swap Iron Fist.

  21. Kimberly says:

    Are people really bitching that a white guy is being played by a white guy?

  22. Baron Munchausen says:

    Maureen couldn’t have been more on point; this is sub-par. Take her opinion of who should have played Rand out of the discussion and the truth remains – this looked bad, production value was minimal at best (since I’m on the same block as the China Bank building, I could film the return scene with my smartphone and it would look exactly the same), art direction is on the same level as the 80’s ABC morning cartoons, but most importantly, the special effects are weak. You don’t have to be the nerd who read ALL the Iron Fist comic books to see that this is just a hastily put-together attempt at a super hero bio; far from worthy of the Marvel name attached to it.

  23. Truth says:

    hahaha every single one review written by some pro clinton leftie puppet crying about main character being white… LoL at least it will not be borefest like Luke Cage

    • Truth Sayer says:

      You hate blacks, gays, women so much you elected a President who is owned by a Soviet, Putin is ex-KGB. Who’s the puppet, you ignorant POS? Go diddle your sister again & leave America be.

  24. Tom says:

    Complaining that Danny Rand is white instead of Asian is like complaining that Luke Cage is black…

  25. Joe says:

    Race isn’t going to magically change the writing?

  26. Wooowhooo This is gonna be awesome! (My like of a show tends to be the direct inverse of Maureen Ryans reviews..)

  27. Rob Carter says:

    just to point out – The Danny Rand from the comic books isn’t Asian. Its very much a Kickboxer/American Ninja style story with mysticism and fighting. The attacks on the racial aspects of this show are being made by people that do not know the original character.

  28. Timely Comment says:

    It’s amazing that the IRON FIST Netflix miniseries is reviewed to be anti-PC libbural overreach. It’s like the (Danny) Rand-ian ubermensch has been awakened, and clamoring negative voices are heard…

    It’s almost as if DC diehards FINALLY celebrating a meh MARVEL show have been joined by the Trumpian rejoinder to the modern age’s inclusive, progressive mindset of the past decade or two… as seen in the comments here. Amazing that a show based on a ’70s comicbook character would elicit such philosophical anger in them. (And their not really a good advertisement to that conservative ‘brand’.)

    Like 2-seasons of blind DAREDEVIL fighting… watching how JESSICA JONES handled her post-rape trauma… and seeing LUKE CAGE’s emphatic Black urban life on tv…I’ll see for myself how IRON FIST is treated in his series.

    Ehh, I’ve always thought that “Danny Rand” was just a White-washed Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu in the comics anyways!

  29. Edison Lewis says:

    If anybody has read the comic you would see that Iron Fist is a title that is passed. There’s been women,asian,black,etc version’s of the Iron Fist. Danny Rand is just modern version. Maureen is playing liberal Identity politics. %70 of America are white *gasp*,who would have thought that young white boys relate with other white people. Maureen Variety pays you to review tv and movies,so do your job rather pushing your Socialist talking points…

  30. bob says:

    Agreed this is a major case, of “I want representation, no matter what”

    and that Is already a shout out for blood, that no matter what this show does it will get mixed reviews, because of what could have NOT been.

    aAmost the same issue with Tilde Swindon playing the ancient one

    (which I though she did an amazing job) and represented women far better than any role any other actor would have done, and as this was a support character, not a lead, i’m all for it

    Here is the trouble, it’s Asian males are not showing up as lead characters in marvel tv/movie rosters, so the internet get bitchy about it

    here’s the kicker though, the only show that would have a chance to represented them well is getting bombarded by bad press, and racial tension, and the idiots that complain about a white child billionaire, who grows up in a monastery to learn martial arts, becomes iron fist, by learning off other role models of Asian ethnicity, duh? wanna be represented? cast yourself as the guys who train him

    and then maybe it will branch into something else

    so why will marvel make a spin off series starring Shang Chi or Colleen Wing, when they don’t get a foot in the door, past he trolling going on.

    look at punisher, got green lit, after half a season on a 2nd season of daredevil

    iron fist is just about to start, and already the race card is flashing,

    to marvel, iron fist is white (I agree, he should be)

    that’s the point, he was written this way, and casted so for that reason

    you want representation, petition to make the Shang-Chi movie, or tv series, that is a marvel character who is of proper Asian decent, who is practically unbeatable, in hand to hand combat, and worse, deadly with weapons, he is the equivalent of Ryu and Bruce lee, merged in one

    BUT don’t fecking whinge, that iron fist is white, you have a literally ass-kicking super- hero= that is what you want, put your whinging to good use (SHANG-CHI!, SHANG-CHI!, SHANG-CHI!)

    go out and get him a few seasons

  31. Rev says:

    The actor wasn’t the proper race? That’s a pretty racist criticism. Only Asian actors should play martial arts roles? That’s quite the stereotyping…

    My biggest question for this review is; the story behind the comic is about a young white man being raised in Asian culture. Why go with the silly virtue signaling angle when Iron Fist is about EMBRACING culture? Where does this white-bashing take us? When does it end?

    I honestly hope you reviewers start reviewing the content of movies, not play Social Justice Warrior, blogging for virtue points.

  32. Seth says:

    Your opinion like everyone else so far who’s reviewed it really don’t matter, it seems to me that only females are reviewing it and finding it to not be that good so I think it’ll be fine it’s looked good so far. It’s just ppl like you don’t have any understanding of iron fist and really don’t know anything about his many different personalities he’s had through comics and all you are expecting is some explosive action right off the bat and that’s not how this is it said it was going to be a lot different from the other 3 shows and from based off what I’ve read and seen it’s living up to that expectation. He doesn’t have the suit yet which means he hasn’t become the talkative spurstic iron fist yet at this point he’s just Danny Rand coming back after being gone for 20 years

  33. IgnatiusB says:

    Iron Fist finally allows critics to proclaim what viewers have known for a long time in relation to the Marvel Netflix productions – The Emperor has no new clothes! Daredevil remains not just the first but the best of these outings – sharp, involving, excellent choreography and a thrilling story delivered without pandering to a central social message. It showed that good writing and a mature approach to a comic book could produce award worthy television which both fanoys and fangirls, as well as mainstream critics and audiences who appreciate strong drama could enjoy. Unfortunately, apart from the second Daredevil outing, it has all been diminishing returns. Jessica Jones was ponderous and had a simplistic plot that stretched beyond breaking point to accommodate the 13 mandated episodes. Apart from excellent turns from Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter, the cast never succeeded in making the clunky dialogue convincing, the fight scenes were shoddily done and the villain ludicrously overacted way past mustache twirling and straight into pantomime. Many critics lapped it up despite a folded arm response from those who had loved Daredevil. Due to the important and worthy central message about sexual violence and consent, critics gave the show a very big pass in its actual merit as good television. It seemed clear that the SJW part of the media was going to taint any criticism of what was a very poor piece of television as misogyny. Luke Cage had better acting and more compelling villains at least compared to Jessica Jones but the loss of one main highly appealing character (Pops)and the early demise of Cottonmouth meant it preetered out very quickly after a promising start. Fortunately both JJ and LC have annointed the talented and charismatic Colter as one of the true stars of these series. Daredevil 2, while not as narratively tightly structured as the first did at least provide one of the standout performances across the Marvel Netflix universe in The Punisher. Vincent D’Orofino’s Kingpin and Jon Bernthal’s Punisher are performances sadly and wrongly overlooked by the Emmy voters. While Iron Fist appears to have fallen into the JJ and LC side of the ledger, given the success of the Daredevil strand and the superb performance of Jon Bernthal in his previous outing, The Punisher has the potential to give Marvel Netflix some fan and critical credibility after the missteps of Jj, LC and now (apparently) Iron Fist. The Defenders though already had one hand tied behind its back with very poorly realised and uninteresting charscters like Jessica Jones and (apparently) Iron Fist not pulling their weight. At least the villains look interesting, but another soggy dose of Jessica Jones, even without the narrative deadweight that was Kilgrave. Dear God, no! Stop it already.

    • Sante8 says:

      A person hammily screaming “Jessica” at the top of their lungs doesn’t make a great villain or interesting plot. While that wasn’t the only weakness in Jessica Jones, it sure made it hard to care about the fate of the heroine. Luke Cage just fizzled out to a ‘meh’ ending and Daredevil 2 fell into a boring slugfest. Jon Bernthal though was brilliant. I agree that Daredevil 1 is the only successful instalment of this franchise to date. Critics who have their knives out now for Iron Fist seemed strangely silent when the flaws pointed out in their reviews seem to be exactly the same in Jessica Jones and Luke Cage which were overpraised

  34. Margaret says:

    Lewis Tan should have played the lead. He’s a good actor and amazing martial artist , he’s the real deal.

  35. So basically the show is shit because it has a white lead actor and it doesn’t fit into diversity narrative like Jessica Jones & Luke Cage did

    • Seth says:

      Yeah and all this white washing bs is dumb these guys are retarded and need to get a life. They’re throwing it under the bus for no reason and act like it’s a problem cause there’s a white guy in it. Just like they’re gonna try and slam Ghost in A Shell when it comes out but fuck em

  36. emprater says:

    I will give a cookie to any reviewer that can properly critique this show without tiresome handwringing about racial politics and faux discrimination especially for a character to be depicted as he always was. The people who keep insisting the first major asian hero in marvel should be a chop suey kung fu dragon dont see the inherent bigotry in their insistence. The people upset Danny Rand wasnt changed to asian are the usual elite media cabal of (mostly white) faux justice brigade who on this occassion have appointed
    Themselves to be offended on behalf of asians

    • Snd says:

      Emprater – thank you! Great comment! I mean God forbid we’d have a white male play the actual character in the comics, which was was a white male.

  37. blOwen says:

    “a man trying to reclaim his business empire from a group of white characters”

    Why is it necessary to specify, in the writer’s opinion, the villains should be white?

    I guess if she said black/arab/asian/latino she’d be called a racist.

  38. Well I found Luke Cage boring and the critics loved it, so I think i’ll make my own mind up on this thanks.

  39. Johnny says:

    “Imagine an “Iron Fist” in which an Asian actor with a great deal of presence and real fighting chops (which Jones lacks) plays a man trying to reclaim his business empire from a group of white characters who don’t trust him and underestimate his skills”

    I certainly imagine that. I imagine you wouldn’t have said a bad thing about the character or the actor if he wasn’t white and could fight better.

  40. Pete says:

    I’m good with a critical review of pace, acting, or even the repetitiveness of the Netflix series. But a few paragraphs in, the article shows its true colors, and goes right into the racial “why isn’t Iron Fist Asian?” debate. Showing again, that there is no such thing as bias-free reviews anymore.

  41. tximistaliza says:

    Love the passionate negativity of the review. The show deserves that.

  42. Vincent says:

    Now people know how i felt watching jessica Jones. Do slow. Terrible dialogue and the cheap set design.

  43. stvivona says:

    Danny Rand is a Caucasian character. The point is that he’s not Asian. As one commenter pointed out Marvel does have an Asian martial arts hero in Shang Chi, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he appears on film or television one day. These “whitewashing” arguments are so tiresome. Should Luke Cage be white? Should Jessica Jones be a man?

  44. Greg says:

    I find it funny when people complain of “whitewashing” but are perfectly fine when the opposite occurs. I grew up reading Iron Fist and the character is important to me the way he is, but I guess that doesn’t matter as long as there is a social impact–smh.

  45. halcyon and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on says:

    Why couldn’t an actor of Asian decent be Iron Fist?

    Firstly, because it would render the dichotomy of his relationship with Luke Care inert. Their pairing works because they are from opposite backgrounds – Luke is black, Danny is white. Luke had to fight for everything, Danny was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. If you have Rand as an asian or part asian actor, it nullifies the subtext of the duo. There’s no divide between them if they’re both from minority backgrounds, and there’s no emphasis on the bridging that gap is half the tribulations Luke went through because of the colour of his skin is something Danny could emphasize with.

    Second, Marvel already has an Asian martial art superhero called Shang-Chi. If you make Iron Fist Asian, then that pretty much makes Shang-Chi irrelevant.

    • Pug says:

      LOL only one character can be Asian! All other Asian characters are irrelevant otherwise. No Asian character can be born with a silver spoon in his mouth and have conflict with a black character. That’s ridiculous!

      My god such a lack of imagination. If you’re any indication of an Iron Fist fan, no wonder this adaptation is boring.

      • And one more time says:

        Also please tell me how an asian character can depict entitlement half as well as a white character. Again, the pairing between minority and minority doesn’t work half as well for the narrative. The bond between Luke and Danny is a bridge between white and black, a pretty pertinent story that deserves to be told especially today.

      • Hi again says:

        Please use your head. You want to double down and have two asian kung fu masters? What relevance would shang chi have against a guy exactly like him, who does everything he soes – but also has a superpower?

      • percane says:

        actually, a lack of imagination would be to suggesting a martial arts character should be asian in the first place. is stereotyping better than whitewashing?

  46. Andrew says:

    This review is just awful. Why should Danny be an asian? lol, so unprofessionally written

    • Rev says:

      ALL actors in martial arts roles should be Asian.

      Don’t ya know? It’s the 21st century; the age of virtue signaling and white bashing.
      The reward for progressive’s bigotry of low expectations? Asians go back to being sad little stereotypes…

      Thanks, liberals!

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