TV Ratings: ‘Candy Crush’ Plummets in Week 2, Megyn Kelly Drops to Total Viewers Low

"Start Swiping, Mama!" -- In a
Monty Brinton

CBS’ “Candy Crush” game show saw large declines in both the key demo and total viewers in its second week, while “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” hit a new low in total viewers, according to Nielsen overnight data.

Airing at 9 p.m., “Candy Crush” averaged a 0.8 rating in adults 18-49 and 2.9 million viewers this week, down nearly 30% in both key measures compared to the premiere last week (1.1, 4.1 million).  It is worth pointing out that “Game of Thrones” returned for its seventh season on HBO in the same timeslot.


Game of Thrones Arya Stark Maisie Williams

‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: Dany’s Ready to Start a War

Earlier in the night at 7 p.m. on NBC, “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” drew a 0.4 rating and 3.1 million viewers, the newsmagazine’s lowest total viewer number since it debuted at the beginning of June. Kelly also matched a series low in the key demo.

For CBS, a new episode of “Big Brother” (1.8, 6 million) was even with last week’s Sunday airing. “Candy Crush” aired at 9 p.m., followed by a repeat of “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

NBC aired only repeats with the exception of “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.”

On ABC, “Celebrity Family Feud” (1.1, 6.1 million) took a hit in both key measures at 8, while “Steve Harvey’s Funderdome” (0.8, 4.4 million) was down in the demo at 9. “The $100,000 Pyramid” (0.8, 4.5 million) was also down in the demo at 10.

Fox aired repeats with the exception of “American Grit” (0.4, 990,000) at 9, which was even with last week.

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  1. sister says:

    Hi tһere mates, how is everythіng, and what you desirе to say
    concerning this article, in my ѵiew its actually аwesome іn suppօrt of me.

  2. ILAI BOUTROUS says:

    I watched all Miss KELLY shows. She is well prepared and the topics she chosen are important and timely. There is a certain dislike I note in the comments of some viewers, I think are due to the amount of salary she is getting which make some people uncomfortable, no to say jealous. Her time slot against 60 minutes is
    not easy to surmount. 60 minutes has longtime viewers, used to watch and admire the excellent, independent,fair, investigative programming. We used to watch 60 minutes, my wife, my son and whoever was at the house around 7.00 PM on Sunday every Sunday. My son was six years old, now he is 59. At 8.00 we call to discuss the topics they covered. Tradition, tradition. GIVE MEGYN A FIGHTING
    CHANCE, be fair, she will grow on you, she is a hard worker, intelligent, balanced, a fighter and a winner.

  3. Shanita says:

    The candy crush game show suck. I am a true candy crush player and these people are clueless. Horrible show. I say cancel it.

  4. Ingrid says:

    Ms Kelly shouldn’t have picked her battle with President Trump. She is reaping what she sowed.

  5. evelyn ruffin says:

    Should have stayed at Fox

  6. Greg Green says:

    Do networks have ratings performance exits written into the contracts? In other words, can they terminate the contract with no further payments if she doesn’t perform at a certain level?

  7. Mary Parker says:

    It’s time for Megyn to go away! She got so full of herself at Fox News that she thouhgt liberals would welcome her into their fold. WRONG ANSWER!

  8. Dee says:

    It’s time to take Megan Kelly off tv
    She took Ms. Hall’s job or rather ABC gave to her only because of the color of her skin
    Shame on ABC for white washing

  9. Burro b says:

    Candy crush sucks gak. In fact , minus family feud , all these game show are watered down and easy. Pitiful state of tv

  10. BB says:

    I think M Kelly was a great when she was on Fox. Unfortunately towards the end of her tenure – much of her reporting became about her and how she felt victimized by Trump. At first I understand but she “milked” it every for opportunity possible and this “victim” mentality wore thin with fans. At every mention of Trump it became, “Well let me tell you – when he said this to me I felt…” Ugh!!! It got old and then when she mentioned she was leaving to NBC I was beside myself. As un-objective as NBC has been when it comes to reporting and she’s going there??? I like many felt that I could not watch her again and that she betrayed the very principles of objectivity she espoused. I also thought, “how is she going to attract the left and have significant ratings because her fan base IS NOT going to follow.” Then she came up with all her stories of Roger Ailes when she previously said he treated her well and that he helped her out tremendously. I felt she was stabbing him in the back and piling on for personal gain because others had an axe to grind with Roger. I felt it was the lowest thing a person could do and having had people do this to me personally I realized she’s NOT a good person and I will never watch her again. I think what she did was awful and karma’s a nasty thing. You reap what you sow and although I think she’ll turn her ratings around in time – I won’t be following her. Used to be a huge fan of hers but she made some huge missteps in the end.

  11. The problem with Kelly is that her prime demographics of viewers are uneducated conservatives who only watch Fux Fake News and have no idea what NBC is.

    • cris ryder says:

      Nice, use Megyn to cheap shot 5O something million Americans! Keep believing that buddy, & keep losing elections. Demographics???? look at the presidential Red & Blue colored election map, that’s a whole lot of red in a whole lot of places, every state, city, county,& street. But you are stuck stereotyping “lets keep America 1st, citizens” as confederate flag wearing, Skynyrd listening Southerners! I guess that’s easier on you than admitting its about the lefts lack of policy’s, or failed policy’s, & candidates.
      The demographics are much more complicated than just the Mason-Dixon Line pal.

  12. Bjarke Hansen says:


  13. Atlasobjectivist says:

    She’s just not that good. Maybe she should try to get a job at the mall or something.

  14. William Thomason says:

    Apparently, she’s never recovered from the Putin interview.

    • da blitzed says:

      Well that & the big debate battle with Trump. To use the Kathy griffen line ‘DT broke her!!!” Am I the only person that remembers Fox’s big drama hook that whole debate night about –“tune in to the end of show & find out how Meygan almost didn’t make it to the debate?!?!?!?” It was insinuating like she had been mugged or something, turns out she was stuck in her room in fetal position on her bed with cramps!!!! big drama!! but that’s why Trump said what he said about her after debate.
      (the blood comment); And too me the moment that “broke her”.
      Im not justifying Trump for that comment, no way he or any man should have said something so rude, & un-presidential, Im just saying thats the origin of the comment,that everyone seems to have forgotten & that’s how it went all went down.

  15. elisebabe says:

    The only TV show I watch Sunday nights is Twin Peaks..

  16. Her ratings are now on a par with her class: LOW . . .

    • Marsha Frey says:

      Megyn Kelly is the poster girl for “Hubris”. Fell in love with herself and believed the whole world did too. She may have millions in her bank account – but her Achilles Heel is her ego, narcissist attitude and mega nasty attitude – and money can’t “sooth” her hurt infrastructure.

  17. knitterpot says:

    Could not happen to a nicer woman,

  18. EddieInFL says:

    That’s great news. Now the advertisers will pull her plug and if she is lucky she will be a “weather girl” at some remote TV station in Montana. Maybe she can get a “gig” on the Howard Stern show riding his sybian.

  19. Her attack of Newt was rediculous.. but Newt countered and knocked her out..
    …..did’nt he …

  20. Kelly’s ratings are no surprise. NBC bets the farm on someone who has proven repeatedly to be a back stabber…hence her Fox audience dwindled and Fox viewer’s would rather pound salt than watch NBC news in any regard.

  21. dentonfisk says:

    I thought I was reading a parody. Pyramid? Feud? Crush? Is that what’s on Sunday nights on the major networks? Are we trapped in a time warp? Kelly fits right in. Not quite a man, not quite a woman. Not quite a conservative, not quite a liberal. She’s what you want. Twist the dial and she grows a beard. Press a button and she buddies up with Right Wingers then nods with agreement as a Left Winger exclaims how they hate America.
    If this is the best NBC can do, I’d say fire your high priced management and hire a kindergarten kid to do your news and programming. NBC and its spin-off fruit is ethically, creatively, and intellectually dead.

  22. Earl Shelton says:

    She should team up with Kellyanne Conway and Ann Coulter to form a public-service company called “Blondes on Your side” dedicated to helping the poor, the less fortunate.and the wrongly convicted.


  23. She got her money… hope it was enough to satisfy her high-maintenance life, because she’s done as a public figure. She’ll be fired within a year and might pick up an anchor gig in LA. Dumb btch.

  24. Laurie Moore says:

    I love Candy Crush the game, but the show, not so much. Boring, dumb, and incredibly annoying. Last night’s contestant’s screech was so seizure inducing, I had to turn the show off. Never watching again!!

  25. Herb says:

    Guaranteed that none of the suits at NBC will take the (Hit) credit for hiring Me-gyn. well ridden and put away wet.

  26. 94c2500 says:

    Megyn Kelly destroyed whatever credibility she had left in her obvious hit piece on Alex Jones.
    Corporate Fake Media shills are fast becoming irrelevant, and deservedly so.

  27. Frank Rizzo says:

    Glad to see these elite exec’s get their behind handed to them in this…No one is worth that kind of money…Just another pretty face,,,,and one will be along in 15 minutes…just like buses

  28. Herb says:

    I guess NBC wants their money back?

  29. Sardondi says:

    Gosh, maybe Fox wasn’t all that bad after all, huh, Meg?

  30. edward o'neill says:

    “Na,na,na,na, hey,hey hey,hey, good by now goodbye…..all join in now
    and follow the bouncing ratings for Kelly?

  31. mgc94520 says:

    Its easier to find out what happened to Amelia Earhart than to find a someone who watches Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. The show is a 60 minute Stink Bomb.

  32. Sandy says:

    Playing Candy Crush on a giant ladder? CBS, it’s bad enough you have an idiot like Colbert, but you need to get your head out of your ass and get back to good programming. You’re starting to suck as bad as NBC, Fox and ABC. Not quite, but you are getting there.

  33. Aruba says:

    No wants to see this trash. Kelly? Sorry. And what Brainiac thought Candy Crush was a good idea? Wow.

  34. Really, could not be happier. Can’t stand her along with her fake news.

  35. John Q says:

    Awww- Just bring in her new co-host Jerry Springer. She’ll be just fine as tearing down people and fake news will appease their audience and her numbers will soar.

  36. For a Leftist, she’s significantly more fact oriented that most when viewing the balance of her work. NBC very much under estimated the viewer resistance to her due to her former employer.

    • DC says:

      A leftist? Me-Gyn Kelly is a right wing opinionist. She is not a leftist and she is not a journalist.

      • Greg Green says:

        She’s not a right winger. Your response proved the original poster’s point. She was on Fox so you assume she was a right winger.

  37. Megyn Kelly, as much as I would like to see her naked, fell for her own press.

    Megyn, here’s the thing. We watched you because you were on Fox. We didn’t turn to Fox to catch you.

    As the NBCnoids are figuring out.

    To their GREAT expense.

    • You obviously know little about her or her former position @FNC. She most certainly is not right-wing anything, unless, and I must admit that most Dems call anyone not radical Marxist, a right-wing fascist, nazi, hater, whatever.

  38. Is that why you ‘turned?’ BTW, you’re so deep…

  39. Amadio Paradiso says:

    She only had ratings because of the shows that were pre and post at FOX. Too big an ego to ever gain an audience that can think.

  40. StoicAbSpartan says:

    Viewership may be related to content. Or at least advertised content. Last week a story was advertised (heavily) that girls don’t think of themselves to be as smart as boys beyond age six. This weeks advertised story was sexual harassment in Silicon Valley. Both centered on women as victims.
    I watched the dumb girl story and could almost hear them leading up to a program to start in the first grade to tell all little boys that they were stupid. That would level the playing field. Wait . . . 6 out of ten college attendees are women. Where is the story and the outrage?

  41. Mike Jefferson says:

    The reason that Megyn was popular at FNC was that she followed a blockbuster showman and she was easy on the eyes. Conservatives knew that she was fluff and libs can’t stand her because she epitomizes the cute sorority girl. No conservative will meander over to FNN (fake news network) to see the tart and the few libs who watch are either stoned or turn it off because they can’t stand her. I’m glad to see her fail.

  42. David Nitshe says:

    Megyn…so how does that Karma feel?

  43. Vox Veritas says:

    NBC is bleeding [cash] from their ‘wherever’.

  44. Move Megyn over to MSNBC with the other dullards. Replace Candy Crush with Words With Friends.

  45. Steve L Reid says:

    When you’re HOT!! YOU’RE HOT!! but she has cooled way down because she’s a phony….

  46. Way Down South says:

    Cut her loose, NBC!

  47. JOHN R.EUFRAZIO says:


  48. The MILF appeal that Megyn flaunted to garner her fame has faded rather quickly.

  49. Wouldn’t NBC cover their butts with a clause in her contract if she doesn’t pull viewers like she bragged she would She wasn’t even that popular till the 1st debate Leftist ran with that she nothing but an Hillary lover tried to say she wasn’t because of Foxs viewers Someone below commented on Shep Smith getting the ax If we are ever that lucky Hes just disgusting to watch Never had liked him
    Its really hilarious that Megan ratings are so horrible I’d love to hear what her excuse is You can bet it won’t be her fault she’ll find a way to blame NBC How who knows She thought she was going to sky rocket ratings no bottom them out Maybe on Fox people like me left it on channel but watched a recorded show or got up fixed something to eat Was on muted waited till next show
    Wonder how her book sales are now Are they dropping to I say NBC can her Tamera Halls coming back Her rating will soar Shecwas well liked NBC screwed up there now they know it NBC opened your eyes Megan just popular in her own mind nobody else likes her phony self

  50. Megyn Kelly? Who? Who cares!!

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