‘Real Time’ Doesn’t Need to Go, But Bill Maher Should Be Fired (Opinion)

real time with bill maher
Courtesy of HBO

HBO should continue to air a roundtable show about current events, a forum for the witty and wise to air their views, complete with F-bombs.

But Bill Maher shouldn’t be part of it. Whether or not “Real Time” continues, Maher should be fired.

Not just for his indefensible use of the n-word on Friday’s edition of “Real Time.” Though, as last straws go, that’s more of an enormous hay bale. It’s beyond ridiculous to think that any white person, in public life or out of it, would think it’s acceptable to use that word. How can anyone take Maher seriously, on any topic, if he’s too oblivious, arrogant, and condescending to know that?


Kathy Griffin press conference

Kathy Griffin Says Donald Trump and Family Are Trying to Ruin Her Career

Use of that word by Maher was racist, full stop. And it’s just the latest in a very long string of racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic, and transphobic things Maher has said or tacitly encouraged (all of which makes his inevitable apology ring very hollow).

Months ago, he had the racist, sexist, hate-peddling clownshow Milo Yiannopoulos on his program, and that should have been a fireable offense. The views of the dangerously intolerant are not exactly hurting for outlets, especially given who our President is. But women and people of color who have had Milo’s number for years were not surprised to see their concerns dismissed. That happens a lot. White men of Maher’s age and class get away with being able to take the stance that they are speaking truth to power by entertaining certain brands of intolerant idiocy. That Maher speaks truth to power by chumming it up with repugnant men like Milo is debatable. That Maher is doing his cushy job from inside an enormous fortress of privilege is not.

Lines are being redrawn all over the place of late, and the shifting of popular opinion has caught many comics and commentators by surprise. Kathy Griffin provoked a whirlwind of her own with her recent antics, and it’ll be interesting to see how it all ultimately shakes out for her. She almost immediately lost her TV gig (the CNN New Year’s Eve show) over the Trump flap, and yet there’s a chance that Maher will not lose his job over a far more unacceptable act. That’s not the first or last time a woman will receive far harsher punishment than a man for her perceived transgression.

Griffin was making a satirical statement that may or may not have worked, depending on your taste or perspective. But Maher is a repeat offender, and he’s shown little remorse for his actions.


Sean Hannity

Fox News Wants to Keep Sean Hannity Despite Conspiracy-Theory Controversy

Political and social mores may be changing, but something else is going on. People who were voiceless and easily ignored now have more ways to speak up and speak out. Those who were never OK with offensive statements Maher has made over the years now have more ways to make their objections known. And the social media trends that empower them are joining their voices into a loud chorus.

So HBO has a choice: Stand by a host who has engaged in a pattern of racist and offensive statements.

Or, take this opportunity to jettison a frequently embarrassing asset — and start fresh. It would not just be a smart business move. During an era of rising hate crimes and open intolerance at the highest levels of American government, it could send a powerful statement about what matters to one of the most powerful media entities in the world.

Which side are you on, HBO?

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  1. G says:

    Maher needs to stay on Real Time

  2. bob says:

    I’m about as conservative as they come but I would be outraged if Maher was silenced. This crowd will not be satisfied until all thoughts not in-step with their own are eliminated

  3. At least he’s funny. The only thing funny about you is your lack of humor and wannabe censors are not funny or worth listening to.

  4. elliotjames2 says:

    You should be fired. You’re a critic not a censor.

  5. Frank Martin says:

    Utter PC Nonsense. Controversial content is what makes that show what it is.

  6. Wow. You really think saying a word that can be heard on TV and radio is worse than threatening to behead the president?

    You have no credibility.

  7. Ronald says:

    Leave Bill M right where he’s at. There are more substantial things to be up in arms about like the rewriting of history in the new and upcoming History books that our children will be mislead by or the fact that innocent Black men, women and children who are unarmed are being SLAUGHTERED by AUTHORITIVE FIGURES ie the POLICE nationwide and this slaughter / murder is Advocated by the US Govt. If you don’t believe me let me know how many cops are prosecuted for the murder they committed as in comparison to the jobs that they keep.

  8. Elisabeth says:

    Bill Maher should be cloned! The very notion of your critic wanting him fired is ridiculous. I’ve been a viewer of his for years. Mr. Maher’s view of our world is caustic, oftentimes serious but mostly hilarious -and boy do we need to laugh in the Age of Trump. Hey, “Variety” where did you dig up that dense writer?

  9. Stephanie E. Meade says:

    I beg to differ. I look forward to his show every Friday because this country needs now more than ever, people who speak truth to power. For the majority of the voters (Hilary did win the popular vote) who think the Donald is flat out of his mind, and ego maniac need Bill to point out specific instances. If people choose to stay in the bubble that is their choice. The rest of us need Bill Maher if you don’t like him don’t watch it is very simple. .

  10. Jim Phelps says:

    If he is not fired, you are hypocrites and promoting hate. It is disrespectful to constantly bash the US president also. The protesting and hate crimes are out of hand. If you do not get rid of him, you are contributing to the problem. People see him on TV and believe because he is full of hate, it makes it right. He feeds on people’s hate for Trump, which was pushed by Obama. He isn’t very good if that is all he has are Trump bashing jokes.

  11. rjflorida says:

    He has always been pretty disgusting, I don’t think he has gotten worse but the world that used to permit rich white men to say anything they want and get away with it is probably over.

  12. Michael. says:

    Total bullshit. Are you one of the Safe Space fanatics? Bil Maher is not only the funniest man on TV, but also one of the wisest.

  13. jack says:

    Really stupid. I am a conservative and when my Liberal mom watches her favorite show i leave the room instead of puking

    But in no way should he be fired. You should be for your ridiculous unforgiving junk article

  14. ALEGRA says:

    Bill Maher detests racists, doesn’t suffer fools gladly and would likely rip your article to shreds with facts. He is the show, and while I don’t always agree with him it is his energy and comedic style that provide the synergy for the diverse group of “panelists”. So, no your outrage at the supposed n bomb would be better directed at Fox News.

  15. Trance Mistress says:

    There would be no Real Time without Bill Maher. He is the show. Are some of his witticisms politically incorrect? Sure, that’s the crux of his comedy and the name of the show that was canceled because he criticized the president. But that’s his job, and he makes fun of the powerful and the politically correct. It’s his shtick, and he shouldn’t change a thing. This author needs to lighten up and grow a sense of humor. If black people can call white people every name in the book, white people can use humorous terms for political jokes that people of color might occasionally feel uncomfortable hearing. The fact is, black satirists and comics understand Maher is joking, as do the majority of black people, and that the nature of his jokes is to stick it to all the powers that be, whatever their race, creed, or color.

  16. shirley A powell says:

    The truth hurt some people.

  17. suezee8susan says:

    Fired? He is one of the few who speak the truth.

  18. Leave comedians alone and focus on a president who needs to be impeached!

  19. Laura Alexander says:

    UH I don’t know what time zone you think you’re in but this is very old news …or how often is Variety published ?Anually …That’s all I got out of this

  20. Peter King says:

    If you do not like it, do not watch.

  21. EAGalloway says:


  22. Shawn H. Hall says:

    I dislike Maher maybe as much as, or more, than anyone who dislikes him on this entire planet. He is a pompous ass and a tasteless, nasty-opinion-filled jerk of the highest order. However, that being said, he is also a shock comedian whose stock-in-trade is to say incredibly offensive things to otherwise “un-offendable” people… On a private network… On a station that one must purchase separately… On a show that one must watch knowingly… And the content of which must be swallowed whole, yet with a grain of salt… Am I starting to “draw a picture”? Good. Because what I am saying goes against my strongest sense of internal ethos, and its “leaves-a-bad-taste-in-one’s-mouth” manipulation–or for that matter, my pathos and logos arguments, too, if I am being honest.

    What this should indicate to you is that I find even just writing this extremely distasteful. Yet, write this I must. As much for myself as for anyone else. For it puts on the line a very clear principle that either applies to everyone…or to no one. And so, I reiterate, I strongly disagree with most of what Maher says, but I defend to the death his right to say it. Besides, if we do not occasionally hear offensive language, how then are we to know what language it is at which we should be offended? Huh? Anyone? And reading it on a card or in a dictionary does no justice for anyone, least of all those who would have us believe just how offended they are.

    Hearing the words on air is one thing, reading them in an online rant is another. On air, alone, gives one an idea of what words offend, and why. Whereas, reading it in a post just looks ridiculous and petty. The first has impact and gravitas, the latter just shows ignorance and a lack of intelligence. The words, themselves, are terrible and biting, but hearing them on a show that intends to offend takes the sting out of them for all the right reasons. It shows how offensive are the words, and what a mental midget it must take, openly and regularly, to resort to such language. And this we might not know if not reminded occasionally by a small-minded nutjob strenuously working to offend.

    This might not make a lot of sense to those people with closed minds who ascribe the power to denigrate, shame, frighten and even kill those who may have heard them, but words never have any more power to them than that which, individually, we attach to them. In other words, such language only matters if one wants it to matter. And if magnified, it attains even more stature, power and impact. Whereas, if ignored, it skitters back under the oven in the dark where it belongs. Does anyone not understand?

  23. Atomsk says:

    “Months ago, he had the racist, sexist, hate-peddling clownshow Milo Yiannopoulos on his program, and that should have been a fireable offense”

    Why? Because hes gay? I saw the History Channel air part of a Hitler speech the other day…should he head of the network be fired?

  24. T.T says:

    No, really, Maher is one of the few anti-PC liberals left, Without him SJW snowflakes will take over.

    • Jacen says:

      Well, considering that we have an MRA snowflake as pResident of the White House (normalizing the MRA snowflakes that make up his base) I guess we’ll just have a nation of left, right center snowflakes. Yes?

  25. Bill Lennox says:

    Maher’s a Class-A jerk, no doubt, condescending and very often incoherent. But HBO’s a private enterprise – in fact you have to pay extra to get it – and no-one is compelled to watch it. And generally, it’s not many steps from banning speakers who offend you to burning books. This column is as reflexive, intellectually immature, and self-indulgent as most Maher’s work.

  26. Brian Kay says:

    I followed Maher for years. I grew tired of his ‘shtick’. So I stopped watching. Censorship works well in countries that we refer to as oppressive. If you want to tell people what they can and cannot watch, might I suggest you take up a senior role in Saudi Arabia.

  27. Ralph says:

    Well. You morons have FOX so intelligent people with a sense of humor can keep Bill to ourselves. The only reason you idiots have a problem with Maher is because he’s honest about the dolt you idiots put into office.

  28. Barry Mullen says:

    Shut up and watch Fox News if you don’t like Bill Maher.Stop pretending you haven’t heard worse from Republican America.

  29. Andre says:

    What a terribly written and poorly reasoned column. FULL STOP.

  30. Harold Banks says:

    this is the most intelligent and entertaining show on tv because of bill maher. get over yourself, its 2017. don’t watch if you don’t like. Leave him alone, he’s the best out there. He’s real , he goes off sometimes, grow up people.

  31. Perfection eludes us all. Maher is more imperfect than most.

    When I saw the bit where he called himself a house n—-r, I immediately flashed on the line in Free State of Jones when one of the slaves in the camp was getting some of the pig picken’s and a white guy appeared saying he couldn’t have any using the n-word, only to have the Matthew McConaughey character opine, “And you aren’t one? He just picks cotton in the man’s fields, you die for the man on the battlefield and you aren’t one?”

    That tells me there is are meanings of the word in usage that are more class based than race based. Maher’s usage in this instance used the class-based meaning.

    I wish there were a term as emotionally charged as that one term that could express as dramatically the low status elites hold of exploited people of all races. I can’t think of one. Any suggestions?

  32. BigFan says:

    Amazing how the writer thinks that a terrorist inspired call to violence, the incitement to murder a sitting president is not as big a deal as Bill Maher using a word that EVERY ENGLISH SPEAKING HUMAN BEING has used at some time in their life. He made a joke, it used a word. Last I heard, being a human being in a nation with freedom of speech trumps anyone and every else’s feelings. For once in his life, Maher actually WAS politically incorrect, and the libs who have defended every offensive attack on the right gets their panties in a bunch. Stand by your so-called values. If he can call the right rednecks, idiots, inbred mental defectives, and evil people, he can call HIMSELF the N-word. Pathetic commentary by a grown child.

  33. Fire for exercising his freedom of speech? Fuck you!

  34. joannmarie40 says:

    I think there needs to be a long and open discussion about this word. I had large ears as a child and other children called me elephant ears. It hurt and of course my parents told me “sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.” Not totally true but grew into my ears and past the cruel name calling. I think blacks give power to that word by protesting too much. It is like the F word – I am old and never would have been allowed to use that word. Now I hear it ever day and it no longer has any power. You want to make the n word less powerful – ignore it. You want to make it more powerful – just use it yourself because you are black but make it a no no for others. Powerful word then – enough to get someone kicked off their show. Enough that Mr. Politically Correct guy (who hates politically correctness) has to prostrate himself on the ground in apologies to be forgiven. Words by themselves have no power only the power we give them. Racism exists but not in that word alone but in the actions that often follow that word.

  35. James says:

    All I can say is that if a Fox News Host had said what Bill Maher said, you know the liberal media would be demanding his/her head!

    • adamdruit says:

      Huh, it’s almost like news anchors and comedians are held to different standards, how about that? And don’t kid yourself if you think CBS’s Evening News host Scott Pelley wouldn’t be fired if he said it- of course he would be.

  36. dylan fielding says:

    agreed mike. well put!

    • Unknownian says:

      I’ve been watching Maher since day one. It’s one of the few cable shows I can stomach, and perhaps the only reason I continue to subscribe to HBO, as their movie line-up has deteriorated to a marvel comic outlet.

      I’m done with Maher now. I won’t be watching again. Not so much for what he said, but how the issue was dealt with afterward. His apology was weak, and mostly baloney. However, what really bothered me was “Ice Cube” sitting next to him like ‘the spokesman’ for the entire African American community, and him sitting there like a desperate wimp hoping to be exonerated. The whole thing smelled, and my respect for Maher was gone as fast as I could change the channel.

      I believe his viewership will dwindle now to the point where HBO will have no choice but to cancel the show, or give it a new name and a new host.

      • Ralph says:

        No it won’t. The only people that give a crap are the whiny SJW’s with too much time on their hands. If the black community is so outraged maybe they should stop using the phrase themselves. It’s called free speech people. Don’t like it? Move!

  37. dylan fielding says:

    liberalism is a nasty contagious disease. political correctness will be the end of democracy and the republic for which it stands. i don’t like bill maher, in fact, i can’t stand him. if he comes on tv i change the channel . as painful as it is, i have to defend him. he is an extreme opponent of racism. his show is also one of satire. he is a very intelligent and well informed individual. and to be accurate, african american means you were born in africa then became a naturalized U.S. citizen. therefore, we are all just American. if you don’t want people of”none color” using that word, quit making them hear it. almost every black sitcom or song on your children’s ipod uses it. if you want racism to go away quit talking about it. you have the likes of the great reverend al sharpton and jessie jackson creating very lucrative, wealthy careers out of perpetuating racism. live your life. be kind to your neighbor. stop hating. life is to short for drama!

    • Jeff Roth says:

      Exactly. Not everyone is so sensitive to a bad joke. And that’s all it was, a joke. They can’t all be winners folks, but to call for someone’s livelihood every time someone gets offended by something is just getting ridiculous. The idea that everyone should be able to go through life without ever being offended is preposterous and to try and “nerf” the world so that everyone has a “safe space” from “microaggressions” about their “identity” and questioning people’s “privilege” is silly too. Grow up.

  38. Print Media Hack 101 says:

    sounds like somebody’s jealous Maher has a tv show (a very popular and one of the few intelligent ones left) and someone else (ie: this author who nobody’s ever heard of) is stuck writing ABOUT said intelligent tv shows.

    They won’t fire him (thankfully). Anyone who actually ‘watches’ the show, knows he isn’t a racist. But there’s one thing I do know for sure; if he ever were hypothetically fired, this author would have no chance in hell of ever getting that job. Burn much?

  39. jaykayDX says:

    This jackass WILL survive – he is a zionist tool and supports Israel (despite hating all other religions) – so expect him to keep his job.

    • Jack Mack says:

      No surprise that idiot progressives are calling for a firing over a word. Maybe because ultra-liberal Bill doesn’t tow the line of the moron progressives. He hates them like the rest of us do. Its a word you idiots, get over it. Its OK for every criminal rapper to use the N word in all their songs though. Completely fine. What a joke.

      • John Thomas says:

        Thanks for showing you’re either to ignorant or too lazy or too dishonest to acknowledge the points made here in this forum. – One more time. – Google “Why white people can’t use the N-word” – Then get back to us.

  40. Iveness says:

    I’m sorry but there is no real time without Bill Maher, it’s his show. People tune in to listen to his take on things and hear things discussed with a certain amount of joviality and edginess. Let’s be real here, no pun intended, I very seriously doubt anyone honestly that was life alteringly offended by this. Bill Maher’s show is on HBO, and it’s not a mainstream news source that should be expected to have a certain amount of tact so as not to inflame those who apparently have delicate sensibilities. My point being, it’s a choice to watch his show, and it’s not one kids should be watching if they’re so sheltered this really damages them.

    For me, this looks like everyone wanting to take him to task to show themselves as either allies, or as people who are trying to up their own credibility so as to say, “See, we’re hard on our side too.” Every line I read on twitter or in some comment sections are literally people and celebrities trying to out outrage everyone else.

    This is hardly the edgiest thing he’s ever said, be it a jest or otherwise. I swear, if he hadn’t changed his voice and said it so awkwardly no one would’ve cared, and honestly I suspect still don’t other than a opportunity to make noise over absolutely nothing. And to be 100% honest, the part of him that dissapoints me is the fact he apologized. After Kathy Griffon’s .. I wanna say meltdown, the first thought I had was, she’s just annoying, but apologizing for again, nothing, was tossing away any credibility I thought she had, second thought was, Bill Maher is the only one left who is willing to say what others won’t, because he doesn’t have time for BS.

    While I suspect HBO forced him to apologize, I think apologies should actually be saved when actually damage has been done, as the reason they don’t mean anything is precisely because they can be coherced.

    How can you apologize for something you honestly (he) probably doesn’t see as wrong.
    Just because certain people insist it’s wrong doesn’t entitle you to. Equal right’s do not grant anyone special privileges.

    To me this is not unlike a witch hunt. “Say you’re a witch and we won’t kill and torture you, or burn you alive.” *sewing drowning bag glaring at “witch.”


    Yeah, sounds legit to me.

    Finally, before I’m called a right winger, or a Trump supporter, I’m not, by a long shot. I actually find harm in what he and his ilk do. It’s actually harmful, actually insidious.

    I am infarct a Christian, and moderately left facing Christian. He has actual disdain for religion and yet I respect his right to choice and put out his two cents. Maher has disdain for religion period, if you’ve watched him, or his movie religilous you know this.

    He champions minorities on his show constantly, and people of color are not token to him.
    Tell me honestly, after watching him and something like religilous, do you really think his one word shows actual disdain for race? He’s not good at hiding his thoughts or feelings folks.

    Last, and finally, I’m not a white Knight. I’m of Japanese decent. And I don’t care how many times he says things like “Rook arike.” And I dealt with racial rednecks and worse growing up.
    Slavery was horrid, but at some point if everyone’s going to have to stop finding anger and opportunities to be angry when honestly, in private you’re probably not angry.

    I did not live through Hiroshima or Nagasaki, and I do not feel anything is ‘owed’ to me by the people and their descendant’s who dropped said bombs, or out country for doing so.

    I prefer empathy and acknowledgements of understanding of what happened, rather than through rageshaing, people adding to their “tolerance cred” for the public to see, when it’s given freely and not at the tip of a keyboard, or tongue. Bill Maher has championed the same people crucifying him when the country as ruled by the party currently in power are trying to say they’re not racist by trying to to get introuble has Maher has.
    Whereas Maher is trying to show he’s with you, and doesn’t have time to sugar coat it.

    I realize I have horrible spelling and grammar, but that’s not the point of what I’ve said.

    Look in the mirror, and think of what would actually offend you without others to show off too, and take a look and see whose really insensitive and who is with you.

    Gonna guess it’s not Maher.


    • Jim says:

      And NOTHING you wrote in your beside-the-point lecture on Campbell (whom you only seem to have just discovered) is new to me. I went through my Campbell and Jung phase decades ago. Everyone is not as ignorant as you are, John Thomas.

    • Jim says:

      John Thomas, Plenty people have agreed with my posts, others have read them and found them entirely coherent. Once again, you just ignore my main points which you are clearly incapable of answering and create distractions by attacking me. (A Trump tactic, btw.) I suggest you take a reading comprehension course.

      You can only cite Campbell and you know more about religion than me? I don’t think so. And I am a writer. That is how I make my living. But you know more about everyone on these boards than they do about themselves, huh? Keep “educating” them, Thought Policeman.

      And did you just double down on calling Maher “an enemy of the people”?! You join the ranks of Robespierre, Stalin and Hitler in utilizing this reviled phrase from history. Either you are ignorant of basic recent history or you are morally repugnant to your core. I started this post comparing you to Robespierre and, oh, was I spot on. You were screaming “enemy of the people” in no time, proving my point EXACTLY. Ha! Ha! Ha! Boy, did I get your number, fascist boy! Thanks for the confirmation!. Stop distracting from the fact that you’ve been totally OWNED, John Thomas!

      Like Trump, you clearly have narcissistic personality disorder and will have to get the last word no matter what. But let me be clear, like all your other retorts, your word will be just more distracting drivel. You are only capable of drivel since you are clearly incapable of thinking for yourself in any remotely complex way. I’ve tired of you. Once again, you’ve not made a single valid retort to my posts which everyone but you seem to understand. Attack away and try to distract from the fact that, no matter how smart and right you desperately want people to think you are, you are incapable of understanding or responding to complex, nuanced arguments. You are a cartoon of a the worst of progressivism. You do great damage to our cause.

      Even Cenk and Bernie and Noam wouldn’t countenance your use of the term “an enemy of the people”. You don’t even understand how this term would greatly offend your very own heroes. I’m way over your head, son. Maybe you are slow and can’t understand me. Or maybe you just have to always be the rightest, the best, the deepest, the smartest, the most expert, whatever. Your narcissistic self-delusion is beyond obvious. Read some Orwell, son. Kids like you would’ve utterly appalled him.

      If the likes of you are the future of progressive thought (or lack of it), the world is in even deeper doo-doo than we could possibly know, John Paul.

    • John Thomas says:

      You say:

      >>>”this looks like everyone wanting to take him to task to show themselves as either allies, or as people who are trying to up their own credibility so as to say, “See, we’re hard on our side too.”

      No. Maher may have started out on our side, but decades of wealth have done their usual job. He now shills for the corrupt corporate Democrats, like the Clintons and Obama. They work ONLY for their one-percent masters because of the huge donations they accept from them.

      In fact, Maher regularly dumps on real progressives for not lining up behind the corrupt corporate Democrats. – This is a real life Breaking Bad.

      This callousness and disrespect for the working class puts his “mistake” in the proper perspective. – This was just one more example of Maher showing his contempt for the average citizen.

      • Jim says:

        Beautifully expressed, Iveness. Nuanced and very insightful.

        Bill Maher expresses, most the time, the best of the left more than any other political.opinion host on TV.

      • Jack Mack says:

        Lol another Bernie backer who wants to turn the US into Greece so all the lazy entitled losers can get paid to sit on their couch and smoke weed.

  41. Nino Brown says:

    I don’t think Bill should be fired but I want more than that weak apology. If he can say it on air I want him to apologize on air and explain why as a white man he shouldn’t have said it. And donate some money to BLM or something.

    • Jack Mack says:

      Black lives matter is almost a terrorist organization itself. I am sure he can find a better way to say sorry for something he should not apologize for in the first place. If black do not want the word used, maybe stop saying it in every black movie and rap song. How about that.

  42. John Thomas says:

    Many folks here, like Indrid, are having a hard time with the fact Black people can use the N-word, but white people can’t. – I have explained it various times, so let’s hear from others who have pondered this situation deeply.

    From Jamie Utt:

    >>>”You know that whole 600 year time period when White Europeans were buying and selling Black Africans as chattel?

    And remember how that whole system was enforced by a violent system of repression whereby Black slaves who did not act the way the White folks wanted them to were beaten and murdered?

    Oh, and remember that time after slavery when Black people were locked in a system called Jim Crow that used a similar fear of violence and repression to keep Black people in “their place?”

    Well, in the midst of all that shit, there was a word invented by White people as a pejorative for Black folks. And it was used just about every time a Black person was whipped, chained, beaten, insulted, spat upon, raped, lynched, or otherwise humiliated and mistreated by White folks.

    Thus, I really don’t care how much White folks want to use that word.

    I don’t care how unfair you think it is that someone else gets to use it when we don’t. – Our people gave up the privilege to use that word the moment we invented it as a tool of oppression.”

    • EB says:

      White people shouldn’t use this word. Black people shouldn’t use this word. Nobody should use this word.

      I think it was (and remains) a huge mistake for the African American community to adopt this word. Not only do I think it makes their ancestors roll over in their grave, but by using it publicly and often as a means of entertainment (think Chris Rock standup, or the Jay-Z/Kanye song N—-s in Paris), how are we to expect that especially young whites (and people of other races) shouldn’t also treat it casually and with indifference, especially if they don’t have either first-hand or historical knowledge of the word. Just saying, if I were a pre-teen kid who loved Kanye and Jay-Z and I see that song and utilize that word therein, I’d be hard-pressed to understand why I could not similarly use that word (obviously the Maher situation is a bit different).

      But the fact is, I think the line has been too blurred due to African Americans’ own usage of the word. And I understand the theory of trying to make it their own, but I just think the theory is wrong and leads to situations exactly like the one here. That’s not to excuse Maher – he is old and smart enough to know better. But as a general matter, I feel the popular and widespread use of the word is to blame for predicaments like these.

      • John Thomas says:

        I agree with you. I think it is a mistake for Blacks to use the word also. – So they tried to take over the word, but after decades, it’s pretty clear they failed, though I salute the effort. – I believe all should stop using it, but it has become so ingrained in hip-hop and other areas, it will be extremely difficult to extract now. – There is a large contingent of Black entertainment that believes using the word puts them on the cutting edge and makes them hip. – It’s a thorny situation.

  43. Indrid Cold says:

    Bill Maher has sympathized with Blacks so many times, he must think he has a “Free Pass” to say that word. That word shouldn’t be used by ANYONE, black OR white. But yet, I hear it… in comedy, in music, on social media, online gaming… etc. The N-word is very much a part of pop culture, and people pick and choose when that word isn’t socially acceptable. It’s pathetic really.

    My opinion is… Maher should be fired. Had it been Bill Orielly, Rush Limbaugh or anyone on the “right”, they would be fired in 10 minutes.

    HBO has recently denounced racism and sexism, so I think they should put their money where their mouth is.

  44. Setche K. says:

    Maureen, have you never made a mistake? Are you so pure and perfect?
    I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment! If you actually watched his shows, you might know better.
    He is a big champion of racial discourse and justice. He doesn’t deserve to be fired or suspended for one human error which he has apologized for. Fox news people spur hateful and bigoted things all the time and nobody threatens the or jobs.

  45. John Thomas says:


    >>>” People like you are one big reason the left is a shambles and we have Trump.”

    That’s the fiction the neo-liberals try to sell, but no. Trump is all the fault of Hillary and the corrupt DNC. – They clearly stole the Democratic primary, and hence, the presidency, from Bernie Sanders and the people. Sanders would have easily defeated Trump. – The deceitful, corrupt, widely-hated Hillary was such a bad candidate, she couldn’t even defeat an ignorant, bigoted, two-bit, reality-show con man.

    I am just a real progressive. We are basically those who voted for Bernie Sanders and are represented by commentators such as The Young Turks, Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Mike Figueredo at the Humanist Report, Kyle Kulinski at Secular Talk and Lee Mac at Redacted Tonight.

    >>>”Maher was making a joke based on real history in response to Sasse’s odd comment about working the fields. He did not use the N-word in a derogatory or vicious way,”

    Any use by white people in public is inappropriate and hurtful to millions of good people. As we have seen, I’m hardly alone in this view. – It has actually been a fairly firm, societal contract – until the bigoted bull-Trump was let loose in the china shop.

    >>>”if you ever watched the show, Maher is far from a racist.”

    Just because someone may not be a racist does not mean they automatically don’t make gross social errors. – Maher himself has acknowledged how wrong this was – or do you think his apology was just self-serving pretense?

    >>>”he has more black intellectuals on his show talking about race intelligently than FOX or MSNBC, which mostly just spew indoctrinated talking points.”

    It’s easy to SAY you believe in things. Look at Hillary and Obama. – It’s a different thing all together when it comes to actions.

    >>>”People like you kill all complexity and nuance and thus kill discourse.”

    Nonsense. – I simply represent the large and growing group of real progressives, as communicated by the persons I have named – some like Chomsky, who is generally recognized as the greatest intellectual of our times. We are the only ones concerned with the people and moving on real issues that matter to them. These are all well-described by Bernie Sanders – the politician who polls show, far and away, is still the most popular in the country.

    The corporate Democrats still have lots of people fooled. – You all should work on that. The rest of your post was childish, insulting ranting, not worth responding to.

    • Setche Kwamu-Nana says:

      Well said John! He is a big champion of racial discourse and justice. I consider him an ally of black people. That doesn’t mean he’s perfect.
      He doesn’t deserve to be fired or suspended for one human error which he has apologized for. Fox news people spur hateful and bigoted things all the time and nobody threatens the or jobs.

      • John Thomas says:

        Jack Mack

        How are things out there is space? – You do know all the polls show Bernie Sanders is BY FAR the most popular politician in the country, right? – Progressives are not the only people who represent the people.

        I “zip” up false arguments by the using facts and reason, of course. – That’s why you don’t actually respond to any of my points. — You are simply unable to. – Sad.

      • Jack Mack says:

        John Thomas you are just butt hurt because he doesn’t pander to your idiotic progressive ideals. No one does, thankfully.
        You are the definition of a fascist. Zip up everyone who doesn’t agree with you, right John? Fire everyone who is not a progressive d-bag. Freedom of speech is only OK if they agree with me.

        Maher doesn’t want to be a progressive, he and everyone else would rather eat glass than be like you. You would make Hitler’s Social Democratic Party very proud.

      • John Thomas says:

        If it were just this one error, you would be right. – But as I and other have outlined, that is just one glaring instance of Maher’s constant wobbling off the rails of reason and common respect.

        Fox “news” is not an example for anything decent to be compared to.

  46. John Thomas says:


    >>>”To be fair though he is almost as vitriolic against all the other religions as well.”

    Why be vitriolic against any religion? – The way SOME people practice it, perhaps, but all religions have a degree of validity – primarily in providing cultural symbols that outline a societal philosophy and identity. — See Joseph Campbell’s book, “The Power of Myth.” ( Or his several interviews with Bill Moyers about it.)

    >>>”I am a progressive, and I also tend to agree with him on the hard left being extreme in its own right. There are no such things as free lunch…”

    You seem to have bought the one-percent party line on issues such as universal health care, a living wage, free college, etc.

    The one-percent, which include Republicans AND the corrupt corporate Democrats, try to paint these issues as “free lunch” or “something for nothing.” – when that’s entirely not the point.

    Take universal health care. It has been shown by exhaustive analysis that it is the only way to efficiently provide health care for all. – Bernie Sanders broke through the one-percent framing by repeatedly emphasizing, “Health care is a right!” — The glaring inadequacies of both the Democrat and Republican health care plans point to this truth.

    What’s especially frustrating is Americans can’t seem to get the news that ALL the developed countries of the world have universal health care – except the U.S.

    One of the most important documentaries made is Michael Moore’s recent one, “Where To Invade Next.” – He tours Europe and other parts of the globe to interview ciizens there and see how they live at a much higher standard of living than we do. – They are dismayed to learn of the expensive, dysfunctional systems we have.

    >>>”railing against a progressive political commentator who for the most part is championing the progressive cause is exactly the problem.”

    Sorry, but Maher doesn’t champion the progressive cause. — He is not even a progressive himself. – He is part of the corrupt, corporate Democrats – like the Clintons and Obama. – They ESPOUSE progressive values, but carry out the plutocratic, one-percent agenda, almost identical to the Republicans.

    >>>”You never see FOX news users going against their “leaders”

    That’s one of the things that makes them impotent and will eventually cause them to fade away. – An unbridled search for the truth is the only way to make progress.

    • Jim says:

      Excuse me, John Thomas, but you ARE a slippery slope to leftist McCarthysm and Jacobin Hell. We are already a third-the-way there, esp in Europe. You clearly don’t know history and can’t defend your hectoring pipsqueak attempts at social engineering, so you dismiss a very real critique. You have no response because your thinking is so fixed you can’t see the forest for the trees. People like you DO have fascist tendencies, just read your other posts! Free speech on controversial, provocative topics means people will be offended, make gaffes, etc. Big deal! Maher’s use of the common 19th Century term (all over the movie Django Unchained) “house n-word” is NOT what is causing racial strife in this country. It means nothing, there are so much bigger fish to fry. So fry them and leave Maher alone. And if anything, corporations are the reason speech codes have been so successfully enforced. I’m not a corporate Democrat, I’ve been alarmed by the assault on speech for years now. Look at our Universities, which are all now de-facto corporate-run. They are all about indoctrination over real debate.
      You are the flip side of Trump voters who call themselves the real Americans when you say you are the real progressive. Democracy is about coalition-building and compromise, not thought-and-speech absolutism. I voted for Jill Stein in CA and I supported Bernie. I watch The Young Turks. (Who have a beef with Bill Maher for a personal slight. Cenk used to love him!) I read Chomsky. (You don’t have to tell me who he is.) I don’t take my cues from corporate Democrats, but have long seen that corporations and the Universities they sponsor have been involved in subtle, gradual thought and speech indoctrination. (And not so subtle anymore.) So ask yourself who exactly is taking their cues from corporations.
      You take offense as a bludgeon and dismiss everyone who even somewhat disagrees by invoking Chomsky or Joseph Campbell or whoever. Campbell is hardly the last word on religion. He is talking more about the myths behind it, not religion as it is actually often manifested and practiced. Why be vitriolic against any religion?! As a gay man from Texas, religion traumatized me and made me feel ashamed all through my formative years. Maybe if the Muslim gays who are today being executed all over the Muslim world had just read Campbell before they were killed, they would have gone to their deaths with more understanding. The monotheistic Abrahamic religions are nonsense, a way for tribes to claim the mantle of God to justify feudalism, war, poverty, you name it! If you know the will of God, then you are justified no matter who you hurt. (Yes, religion does some good, but you “real” progressives minimize its pernicious effects.) Your comment to Keith about Campbell shows just how out of touch with reality you are. Misogyny, Homophobia and Theocracy are ubiquitous across most sects of Islam. That’s the facts. Facts are facts. Why do “real” progressives, who mostly can’t stand the Trump evangelicals, sentimentalize and defend Islam? Stop sentimentalizing and demonizing and get practical and finally really real, all you”real” progressives!

      • John Thomas says:


        I’m not sure why I’m responding to you, since your post is mostly an incoherent, rambling insult. – But, one more time.

        This is not about free speech. – Anymore than censoring someone about shouting “fire” in a crowded theater is about a lack of free speech.

        We’re talking about ONE word that society has agreed that white people must no longer say in public – for very good reasons. – Again, why would any white person fight for the right to utter this inflammatory, humanity-denying word? – It makes no sense. – You are just randomly generating a meaningless defense of Maher. – One that even Maher himself rejects with his apology.

        >>>”Democracy is about coalition-building and compromise, not thought-and-speech absolutism.”

        Meaningless platitudes. – All aware observers know what I say is true about the corrupt corporate Democrats and their guilt for the situation we find ourselves in because of their theft of the Democratic primary.

        >>>”I watch The Young Turks. (Who have a beef with Bill Maher for a personal slight.”

        LOL! – A personal slight? – That’s the trivialization of the century! — Maher takes EVERY opportunity to rail against true progressives because they won’t line up behind the sick agenda of the corporate Democrats. On a recent such fit, he ended it with his angry face filling the camera, shouting at the working people of America and the movement that represents them – “F… You!”

        Personal slight. – You’re a piece of work, fella.

        >>>ask yourself who exactly is taking their cues from corporations.”

        You’re edging into rabid nonsense again.

        >>>”You take offense as a bludgeon and dismiss everyone who even somewhat disagrees by invoking Chomsky or Joseph Campbell or whoever.”

        No. I offered enlightenment to those with eyes that see. — But you are a good case of ‘casting pearls before swine.’

        >>>”Campbell is hardly the last word on religion.”

        I never said he was. But his insights are generally hailed at the highest levels of criticism and philosophical thought.

        >>>”He is talking more about the myths behind it, not religion as it is actually often manifested and practiced.”

        No. The myths aren’t behind religion. They are the essence of religion. As Campbell points out, most religious people of the world don’t take their religious myths literally. The myths are actually larger common symbols of humanity. – Campbell makes the astounding observation that various myths of widely separated religions evolved the same, even though those peoples NEVER had any contact with each other. — Like virgin births, god(s) sacrificing their children for the people, etc. – It is the larger, cultural symbols these myths represent that is important.

        >>>”Why be vitriolic against any religion?! As a gay man from Texas, religion traumatized me and made me feel ashamed all through my formative years.”

        It wasn’t the religion, but the way certain people used religion that caused the problems. – Considering that was in Texas, it doesn’t surprise me a bit.

        Your blame is completely misplaced and actually takes those miscreants off the hook by blaming their bad behavior on religion. – You fall into the same trap Maher does on this, and you both end up maligning and hurting many good people because of your confusion.

        The corporate Democrats have shown they are not any kind of solution. They, equally with the Republicans, are the problem. – Please name another group besides the real progressives, whose mentors and leaders I have named, who could possibly fix our current mess. – There is none.

  47. John Thomas says:

    It doesn’t matter much how Maher used the word. It is the one society-agreed-upon word that white people must not use in public. – Any use of it evokes images of slavery and dehumanization. It still echoes strongly from our grandparents’ mouths.

    White people who insist on being able to use this word broadcast only one message, no matter what their intentions. “I don’t care about the pain this word, and it’s evil history, cause any people around me.”

    Maher’s arrogance and disrespect for others has shown his decades of extreme wealth have imbued him with the one-percent mentality. – This is most glaringly seen in the rabid hate of, and attacks he makes on, real progressives. – He is all in for the corrupt corporate Democrats. – He has made himself an enemy of the people.

    • Jack Mack says:

      Calling progressives “the working class” in half your posts is hilarious. Progressives are not the working class. Most of them would rather not work and be paid to do nothing. The real working class hates idiot progressive d-bags who think that their history degree should get them a 100K job. Progressives are in the very small minority, stop saying they are “the people” and “working America” and all that crap. progressives are losers. Hated by both the right and the moderate left. Pros care more about hurt feelings and words than about actions.

      If you actually believe the average america is inline with progressives you are sorely mistaken Champ.
      Reading your garbage is hilarious. Knowing their are people like you in the word makes me wish the movie “The Purge” was real.

      • John Thomas says:

        I’m not surprised you would want to “purge” people like me that so easily put the lie to your garbage. – Of course, progressives are the working class. – If you had ever attended a Bernie Sanders rally, you would know that. – You’re thinking of the corrupt, corporate Democrats. – Yes. They have lots of money, because they are just like the corrupt Republicans – serving the one-percent.

        One more time, since you magically become deaf when you hear a fact. – All the polls show Bernie Sanders is BY FAR the most popular politician in the country. – Catch a clue.

    • Jim says:

      Just to go back to the initial argument, John Thomas. You want Maher fired for spontaneously using a common though vile 19th Century term in a way that wasn’t derogatory or mean. And you seem to think Maher should be fired for attacking whoever you decide the “true” progressives are.

      He has every right — and many reasons — to attack your wing. Free speech is paramount and there is a terrifying assault on it by people like you who call themselves the “true” progressive without getting the irony of that. (And if you deny this assault on speech from your faction is real, you are even more oblivious — or manipulative — than I first figured.)

      Maher has every right to attack your faction or point out the obvious reality that corporate Democrats are still much better than Trump and the Republicans. Do you even know the range of his thought? He is hardly a corporate Democrat. But even if he was, that’s his prerogative and nobody should be fired for that. Oh, but he yelled “F.U.” at you self-proclaimed “true” progressives and damaged your refined sensibilities. Give me a break! Go crawl back into your safe space, you language-policing creep!

      “An enemy of the people”. Yes, your likes ARE the slippery slope to leftist fascism, John Thomas. The more you say, the more you prove it.

      • John Thomas says:


        >>>”John thomas wants to divide progressives?”

        No. The corrupt corporate Democrats already did that, mostly by stealing the Democratic primary from Bernie Sanders and the people. – Besides being corrupt and wrong, the corporate Democrats can’t even win anymore. – The last election proves that. – There are very few people in the country that could not have defeated the ignorant, bigoted, childish, two-bit reality show con-man.

        But leave it to the corporate Democrats to manage to pull off a loss to that cretin. – They will never win again with their “we’re really Republicans, too!” strategy. – If voters want Republicans, they’ll just vote for the real thing. – When they want someone that will work for the people, they’ll choose progressives like Bernie Sanders.

        In fact, it’s looking more and more like Bernie Sander is giving up trying to reform the broken Democrats and will help us start a new people’s party that will save the country – and the planet.

      • John Thomas says:

        Nothing but a regurgitation of your lies and insults. – It’s clear Maher is a shill for the corrupt corporate Democrats.

      • Jim says:

        Hell, it was a conversation on Maher’s show that convinced me that reparations would be right and just.

        We are in a world of trump. republicans control the large majority of the federal government and states and now the Supreme Court! And John thomas wants to divide progressives?! You are too foolish to see that you do Rush Limbaughs bidding! deny it all you want or automatically retort with your one-note babble about corporate Dems, but what i say is true. Maybe you should watch Fox News so you understand how the other side plays this game. Half of Tucker Carlson’s show every night is devoted to assaults on free speech by the left. And I hate to say that he ain’t usually wrong about that.

    • Jim says:

      John Thomas, I make a good living as a writer, so few find me incoherent. Perhaps you are not sophisticated enough to understand. Many others understood me with perfect clarity.

      You call coalition building and compromise, something most extreme progressives aren’t capable of, “meaningless platitudes”. Proof positive that is is people like YOU who are the problem. If you don’t understand why I say this, I can’t help you.

      You ignore my critique about religion, you bizarrely focus on the word “behind” because you have nothing to say about my overall point but your clearly bloated ego cannot bare to lose an argument. So you retort with an argument that has nothing to do with my point in order to distract from your obvious hypocrisy on the topic. I understand Joseph Campbell. I first read him decades ago. “Behind”, “immanent”, whatever nitpicking on a word doesn’t change my larger point. Have you even read the Quran? I have. Seems the only examination or expression of religion you will countenance is Campbell’s. What does Campbell have to say about the treatment of women and gays in various sects of Islam? I don’t remember. Like I said before, you seem to sentimentalize Islam so you don’t have to think about its fuller impact.

      My blaming religion is misplaced?! It was Ministers and congregations condemning me! People manifest the expression of religion, it’s not just myths that form the collective unconscious or whatever! Religion as applied IS religion. Do you have any ideas of your own, any ideas about religion that aren’t from Campbell?! Your response is a joke. Like I said, you ignore reality.

      And how dare you tell me about my experiences with religion as a gay man in TX? You don’t know my experience! But, yes, religion is often a very oppressive force and you ignore this major side of it, you no-nothing, arrogant jerk! (You of all people call Bill Maher arrogant?! Ha!)

      “An enemy of the people.” Did you really use that term?! You are so ignorant that you don’t even know that you echo both Stalin and Trump when you say that! All tyrants use that argument to shut down ideas they don’t like. That phrase is almost as bad as the n-word! I think maybe the Nazis used it also. Learn some history before you lecture others. Or maybe you actually meant it. You prove my point about your fascist tendencies by using that phrase. Your politics is a scary thing indeed.

      Even Bernie Sanders criticized the extreme p.c. policing on the far left, btw. Bernie himself said he thought it was a factor that led to the backlash that is Trump.

      And I was never a corporate Democrat. I voted Nader in 2000 and Stein the last election. I supported Bernie. What I’m saying to you has nothing to do with the corporate Democrats.

      Corporations and plutocrats are gradually but surely controlling the curriculum of Universities with their big donations (read this month’s The New Republic) and very much so act as the enforcers of p.c.in the wider society. That’s hardly rabid nonsense. To paraphrase Goethe, those who aren’t even aware of the ways in which they are enslaved are the least free people. I believe he meant people like you. You sound like a totally indoctrinated thinker, always looking to confirm your own biases, totally oblivious to your immense ignorance. Learn humility so that you might truly learn.

      You aren’t nearly as smart nor as enlightened as you think you are, John Thomas. Seems to me your thinking is all cognitive dissonance and clueless hypocrisy. You seem to take your cues blindly from your progressive faction and are incapable of understanding nuanced ideas or accepting that there are legitimate views that you don’t share. I mean this literally. Your indoctrinated mind can’t go outside your fixed biases, so you can only call it “incoherence”. Again, plenty people understand me clear as a bell.

      Now go ahead and call me incoherent or ranting or whatever you want to in order to avoid having to think outside your very tiny box. Use your specious, distracting arguments that are beside the point. I won’t respond back. You are incapable of sound, rational argument. If you feel insulted, then my insults are well-placed. And Maher is right to insult the doctrinaire, draconian likes of you! You give progressives a very bad name. Shame on you! Or to quote the great Maher, “F.U.”!

      • John Thomas says:


        >>>” I make a good living as a writer, so few find me incoherent.”

        lol – If you say so, bud. – You were definitely incomprehensible where I pointed it out. – It sounded like a few too many Budweisers.

        >>>”Perhaps you are not sophisticated enough to understand. Many others understood me with perfect clarity.”

        Sure they did.

        >>>”You call coalition building and compromise, something most extreme progressives aren’t capable of, “meaningless platitudes”

        lol – The corrupt corporate Democrats’ idea of “coalition building” is “Shut up and do as we say!” – Even as Bernie Sanders is exponentially the most popular politician in the country.

        >>>”You ignore my critique about religion, ”

        Whoops. That’s simply a lie. — Shame on you. – Then you blither nonsensical charges about me that are simply made up.

        >>>”I understand Joseph Campbell.”

        Obviously not. – Better spend a little time with him before you make that claim again.

        >>>”My blaming religion is misplaced?! It was Ministers and congregations condemning me!”

        So? – Some ministers and some congregation members make mistakes and are even evil, just like everyone else.

        >>>”And how dare you tell me about my experiences with religion as a gay man in TX? You don’t know my experience!”

        You haven’t stated anything about your experience that sounds unique yet. – Over 64 years, I was raised a Southern Baptist, converted to Catholic, and am now agnostic attending Unitarian Universalists. — So I’d say I know more about religion than you.

        >>>”An enemy of the people.”

        Right. – Save us the double-talk. It is the enemies of the people who employ fascist techniques. – Progressives just dig out the truth the one-percent work so hard at burying.

        >>>”And I was never a corporate Democrat. I voted Nader in 2000 and Stein the last election. I supported Bernie. What I’m saying to you has nothing to do with the corporate Democrats.”

        I voted that way, too. So where did you Break Bad? Those are two stellar progressives.

        >>>”Corporations and plutocrats are gradually but surely controlling the curriculum of Universities with their big donations (read this month’s The New Republic) and very much so act as the enforcers of p.c.in the wider society.”

        Right. – So what does that have to do with progressives?

        >>>”[More blithering insults – not worth responding to]

        >>>”Now go ahead and call me incoherent or ranting or whatever you want to”

        It’s not necessary. – You’ve demonstrated it well again.

      • Jack Mack says:

        Jim, I read your post and it was spot on. The fact the John called it rambling just shows he will go against anyone who doesn’t like his very narrow ideals. His progressives are ruing North America, and especially the US whether you are on the right or the moderate left, you must see the damage the word-police progressives are causing. If he thinks his type is helping the left he has another thing coming. People like him are the reason that independents (like myself) have leaned right recently. The vast majority of people are close to the middle and his far left ideals are hurting your side more than helping.

  48. Gregory says:

    Keep him and rehire Kathy!

    • Jim says:

      Jack Mack, Hilarious that I initially compared John Thomas to Robespierre and by the end of our thread he actually says “Bill Maher is an enemy of the people.” I WAS spot-on.

      John Thomas should profusely apologize to Bill Maher. So does this TV Critic who wants to banish the best political host on TV with a show that has a format that is, more-than-most shows, grounded in free speech. Gaffes will happen when the talk is provocative and outside the mainstream. If she doesn’t get Bill Maher, I doubt she gets much as a critic. I think I’ll skip her reviews,

      • John Thomas says:

        So sad. – To any intelligent person, when Maher rants and says F.U. to progressives, it’s clear he’s totally in bed with the corrupt corporate Democrats – who clearly are the enemy of the people. — Ask Bernie Sanders.

    • Jim says:

      Jack Mack, He’s not far left. He’s fascist left. I’m far-left. I think capitalism as a model should be extremely regulated or banished in certain sectors such as prisons or health care. I’m far left. But I’m also extremely free speech. Bill Maher reflects views I had long before I listened to him. But more than any other commentator on TV (and I’m a news junkie!), he most accurately reflects my views.

      • John Thomas says:

        You are extremely confused. – Far left and Maher are on opposite ends of the spectrum. – You could use a course in political science.

  49. Gregory says:

    Keep him!!

    • Jim says:

      John Thomas, You are wrong. Bill Maher is more far left than moderate left. He supported both Bernie and Nader. It’s clear you know little about political science beyond the simple-minded notions you are trying to indoctrinate into people. Stop pretending you are what you are not.

      And you say I know nothing about Campbell? I said nothing about Campbell’s ideas but a quick reference to myths and the collective unconscious. And yet you say I know nothing about Campbell? How the hell would you know?! You can’t back up any of your retorts to me, it’s all non sequiturs from you.

      And again, if you are even capable of comprehending my obvious point, religion as practiced, no matter how wrongly or rightly, is still “religion”. Its meaning is broad. What’s not to understand? Like politics or philosophy, religion covers a lot of ground. People who bite the heads off snakes in Church ceremonies are still religious.Your thought is so simpleminded and fascist that religion is whatever just John Thomas decides it is.Like progressives are only who John Thomas says they are. What a joke!

      You slice up my thoughts and bizarrely focus on certain out-of-context pieces of sentences and respond to just those sections as if they have anything to do with anything I’m saying, which was clear from the get-go to anyone at a college reading level.

      And even on this message board, people are telling me that they agree with me. So yeah, they do understand. You just don’t want them to cuz it’s an attack on your doctrinaire and draconian b.s..!

      I’m still waiting for you to tell me what you think of the homophobia, misogyny and theocracy that is ubiquitous throughout most of the Muslim world and practiced through its religion? Or do you just deny or ignore or minimize or shut up all facts inconvenient to your narrow, fascist conception of what is progressive? You wouldn’t be alone among progressives, most unfortunately.

      I agree Bernie likely would’ve won. Hillary was a weak candidate and the corporate DNC rigged the game. Bill Maher says as much. I said nothing on the topic and yet you argue with me as if I did. That’s mostly what you keep saying to people when it isn’t even the issue at hand. Are you OCD?

  50. joanna hastings says:

    Get a life. I am a liberal and this ‘make a mistake and be banished approach’ is past it’s throw out date.I would never enter the minefield of using that language but it exists in popular media and music. The misogyny that is accepted compared to other bigotry is telling.

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