Watch Hasan Minhaj’s Full Speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

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“The Daily Show” correspondent Hasan Minhaj was Saturday’s host at the Trump-less White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington.

Minhaj ripped everyone from Bill O’Reilly to the 45th President (“In four hours Donald Trump will be tweeting about how badly Nicki Minaj bombed at this dinner”). He also turned serious to acknowledge the importance of free speech in America, a theme that echoed throughout the night at the annual media meets the White House event.

“Only in America can a Muslim get on this stage and make fun of the President,” Minhaj said.

He added: “The man who tweets everything the enters his head, refuses to acknowledge the amendment that allows him to do it.”

Watch the video below:

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  1. Roxanne says:

    You aholes at this dinner are just that aholes !! President Trump has done better then Obama did in 100 days then Obama did in 8 years. You liberal media are just plain ignorant people who don’t know a dam thing. President Trumpis a great president and you liberal pieces of garbage should rot in hell!!!

    • Kyle says:

      What do you mean “liberal media” everyone from Fox News to MSNBC were at the dinner, and Hasan made jokes about all of them… I understand that you don’t like Obama, and that is a fine position to have, but please explain with SPECIFIC EXAMPLES how Trump has done anything that makes him a “great President.” It’s unreasonable to call people ignorant when you don’t demonstrate any depth of knowledge yourself. I’d be happy to have a thoughtful discussion if you want to actually discuss facts!

  2. Liz says:

    He is a. Total imbecile did he notice that most people did NOT find him a bit amusing he is a mediocre muslim wannabe comedian thanks to this country n our laws he is doing well all his jokes mostly lies and twisted words and someone should tell him he IS the joke

  3. Brian Kitchen says:

    I saw his performance. I guess I am too old because I remember real comedians such as Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin who were actually funny in the day. But mostly this guy made some obvious joke, brown nosed the audience, insulted a guy who was not even in the room, and all the while raised no deep laughter just some light ha-has. I am sure someday this guy will learn how to be funny, with a little practice.

    • xcbsmith says:

      He “brown nosed the audience”?!? He roasted them, which might have something to do with the rather uncomfortable laughter.

      I’d be curious to see what your thoughts were after actually watching his performance.

  4. Greg says:

    Actually I think this person does not deserve to be on Comedy Central.
    when he said “you are not that smart” he actually meant it. How about some respect to the office?
    Don’t you people remember what it is?

    • Chris Smith says:

      Respecting the office has nothing to do with telling the office holder they are smart or dumb. Hasan demonstrated a lot more respect for the office than Trump showed when someone else was in it.

  5. Lex says:

    Watch “some guy’s” speech from some self-congradulationatory(sp) press even. It’s really liberating when they announce people in the press. You don’t know who they are and don’t care. :)

  6. lordjud says:

    This was an inspiring roast. The courage it took to be up there and roast a president who, for the first time in common memory, didn’t have the skin to be there is immeasurable. In other nations this man might literally be put to death for no other reason than speaking truth to power. This was a lambasting of not only the president but the media as well: both must be held to a higher standard than they have ever been in this trying time. You’re a better and braver person than I, Hasan, and I’m glad you had the wherewithal to use that soapbox to shout.

  7. MaggyK says:

    Hateful comments. … and they wonder why liberal entertainers are despised & why the country is dividing in 2. Also yes, the free press I hold so dear has been hijacked by holier-than-thou cheerleaders for the left & it’s disheartening to say the very least. Hollywood & Media: Answer one question, please. Do you want us all to come together & succeed as a nation? If the answer is yes, then please help the president. No matter how you feel about him, help him to succeed. Be kind, be giving, be forgiving. It’s the ONLY way. Hate & bashing & ridicule gets us to step zero.

    • Annie says:

      As evidenced by Saturday’s rally in Harrisburg, Trump continues to play to his base and has not made a single effort to reach out to those who didn’t vote for him. As long as he continues to divide, we will resist his lies, hateful rhetoric and regressive agenda.

      • Roxanne says:

        Well you continue to listen to the hateful lies they tellabout President Trump. He has reached out to those who didn’t vote for him but it ignorant liberals like yourself that don’t listen to a word he says and all the good he has done. You darn Liberals are so ignorant it pathetic and you will see that President Trump will do more for this country then Obama ever could or that lying Killary Clinton!!! Your the ones spreading hate.

  8. Mattyy says:

    Man, that was terrible. Whoever actually got dressed up and went to this wanker loser-fest of an event must feel like a complete idiot today.

    • Katherine says:

      Wow, Roxanne, you seem REALLY angry. Breathe, calm down, and proofread before you post comments.

  9. Elizabeth Hayes says:

    Hasan was Great!!!

  10. Dirk says:

    All they could find was Z-list entertainment.

  11. Steve says:

    Wheres the funny, I can appreciate a good dig at a deserving target but this guy was lame

  12. Best host I have ever seen. Hasan nailed it.

  13. Freddie Vaughn says:

    Worst host I have seen in years. Not funny!

  14. What’s the opposite of funny? Because that’s what this was.

    • Felicia Hardy says:

      I clicked! I was all set for this guy to kill it with awesome Trump jokes.

      Still waiting.

      This guy is the worst standup comic I have ever seen. Rushed nervous delivery, the jokes themselves are lame, the fact he kept referring to a paper in front of him is just…pathetic.

      Alt-Right and conservative lunatics that freak out over these things, save your self-righteous ammo for someone who is actually funny.

      How bad was it? I started to feel bad for how lame he was and couldn’t finish it. I don’t watch Trevor Noah and now I feel as though I’ve absolutely missed nothing by doing so.

  15. Jayc says:

    Interesting that a muslim would suggest that President Trump is against the 1st amendment when in fact it’s the fascist left, the democrats who cover their faces and become very violent protesting anyone with an opposing view point. They want to restrict freedom of speech to allow only their opinion to be heard.

    • You shouldn’t paint the left with a broad brush like that. You’re talking about a small group of idiots like AntiFa. Claiming they represent the left is as unfair as saying “Alt Right” or KKK etc represent the views of all Conservatives.

    • Clara Bow says:

      You missed the point – the left is against the fact that Agent Orange LIES – constantly.

    • J. R. says:

      This event is and has always been a mini presidential roast.That being said the digs at the President were to be expected. But Muslim or not, liberal or not, minority or not we used to hold journalist’s to a higher standard, and Minhaj is dead on exposing the circus it’s become. Can we agree that there’s a lot of serious decisions to be made and honest, reliable and unbiased information is needed to make them? Just an idea…

      • xcbsmith says:

        Traditionally it is a roast of the attendees, which includes the President, the press, and usually a handful of celebrities as well.

        You’re right though: without the politicians & a lot of celebrities in attendance, the focus was much more on the press, and Minhaj did a great job of drawing attention to that.

  16. Sara Chapman says:

    Wow! He is good! Funny and right on!

  17. angryduc says:

    Dems pimp out another racist anchor baby muslim complaining about Trumps skin color. The irony is mind numbing.

  18. brandon both says:


  19. Who’s that guy? He’s getting all this attention because he’s criticizing Trump.

    • xcbsmith says:

      Ironically, he got the gig because of the attention that came from the fantastic job he did criticizing the media last year, and most of the speech was again criticizing the media.

      What’s the expression? Try to avoid contempt prior to investigation.

  20. Adam Hauze says:

    Dude, that was painful. I was very uncomfortable for you just witnessing.

    • etgohome says:

      The reason why it was uncomfortable for you is because you just heard the truth. That is what the truth feels like mate.

  21. Desi says:

    Mn, he was BRILLIANT. he ripped into the media establishment and Trump with the ease of a man what know what he was doing. LOVED IT>!

  22. Allan Agajanian says:

    Nothing but uncomfortable nervous laughter from the audience.Disrespect from am unfunny idiot . Funny, if we did this to Obama we would be called rascists.

  23. Bob Ross says:

    Correspondent’s bored as anyone can be at this years WCD, until free speach outed their networks as the self serving, hypocritical mouthpieces for the DNC and fake news outlets. Thank You Hasan Minhaj!

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