Watch Trump Abruptly End CBS Interview Over Wiretapping Questions (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump cut an interview with CBS anchor John Dickerson short after being asked about his claim that former President Barack Obama wiretapped his campaign.

Dickerson pressed Trump on claims the president made — with no evidence — back in March that Obama had wiretapped Trump Tower, claims that intelligence community officials, Obama aides, and even prominent Republican lawmakers have disputed.

“Surveillance of our citizens, I think that is a very big topic, and it’s a topic that should be number one, and we should find out what the hell is going on,” Trump began.

“I just wanted to find out — you’re the President of the United States — you said he was ‘sick’ and ‘bad,'” Dickerson responded.

“You can take it any way you want,” Trump said.

The “Face the Nation” host then pressed the president. “I’m asking you because you don’t want it to be fake news. I want to hear it from President Trump.”

“You don’t have to ask me,” Trump responded. “You don’t have to ask me.” When asked why, Trump added “because I have my own opinions, you can have your own opinions.”

Dickerson replied, “But I want to know your opinions. You’re the president of the United States.”

“That’s enough,” Trump said, walking away from Dickerson and sitting down at the Oval Office desk. “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

Following the interview, CBS anchor Gayle King asked Dickerson if he was escorted out of the Oval Office.

“I think it was pretty clear that I was to escort myself out, or I would be escorted out, I would be moved along,” he said. “It was time for our conversation to be over.”

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  1. DACON9 says:


  2. Tom says:

    Trump is a tool.

  3. DACON9 says:

    THE DICKERSON HEAD was on airforce one the very next day.​

  4. Lawrence T Vose says:

    what a idiot john dickerson is…he was having the time of his life…IN THE OVAL OFFICE……and he blows it…..what a loser…tell that to your kids jonny…and what are you gonna tell them about the president booting your dumb ass out…what a loser…reporters would die to have been there….and they would have forgotten their idiot stance

    • Bilbo says:

      …Did you even read it? All he did was ask for the President’s statement on something the President said, then the President got huffy and pouted.

      • orvil reddenbacher says:

        bilbo take off your black clothes and mask and reveal your idenitiy

  5. Jack Carney says:

    I love this President. He did not get sucked into the loser reporter set up! Go Trump!!!

  6. Ruth Deutsch says:

    Now I know why Trump calls the media “fake news” – it’s fake when they’re reporting on Trump, and they can’t get a straight answer to report “the truth”, so they need to try the best they can without looking stupid or being vague, and perhaps it comes off as “fake” to Trump, because he can’t own up to their descriptions of what he’s doing. After all, the press didn’t change, only the resident in the White House. Will someone please alert Trump that his temp job has not been satisfactory and he should plan to vacate sooner than later? He’s recently admitted that the job is tougher than he thought it would be …and when he leaves, he can build a wall around himself since he loves walls so much…

  7. Steelburgh, You are sooooo right!

  8. Steelburgh says:

    What a disgrace our President is. This is a sad interview by a man whose brain operates at the speed of mud.

  9. SPIKE says:

    the interviewer’s a little snit.

    • Jack Carney says:

      Got that right Spike.

    • I gather you’re not familiar with the job of interviewing for a business that provides information from interviews to the public who reads or watches such interviews to gain information that can only be provided by the person being interviewed. Presidents normally give information to help explain a situation to the public. That’s what interviews are set up for. How else can the public learn what’s going on with or in our government if answers to questions from the interviewer are not given from the person who is being interviewed and is suppose to provide the information?
      The interviewer was trying to do his job. He received little cooperation. Therefore, he had to be snitty.

      • DACON9 says:

        YOU ARE A TWO FACED COMMENTOR. You would never ever disrespect Obama with such a intruding abrasive attitude. The art of interview is when the interviewee doesn’t want to answer you would go on to the next issue and maybe circle back through the side door. Go back to picketing the ​McDonalds for free lunch

  10. VNV Nation fan says:

    Ohhh shit he reads!!

    He actually reads!!

  11. Jim says:

    John Dickerson is a disappointment. Badgering the President after he answered the question three times was disrespectful. If a reporter had done that to President Obama the media would tar and feather the reporter. There is no excuse for what Dickerson did and it was malevolent (intentional for low intelligent media reporters). What a shame that we live in a society where the news media is out to ambush our President, no matter who the president is.

    • C Smith says:

      John Dickerson is low life garbage. He acts as if he is the one in charge when entering the Oval Office, and totally disrespects the President and the responses he is receiving. #FIREDICKERSON.

    • Jack Carney says:

      Dickerson has his own Dims agenda. He has tried MANY times to get a “got you” with the President but the President continues to let him interview him.
      Myself, I would not be so kind. The false media has had it’s day. Anyone that tunes in this spinster, make believe media, needs a brain cleansing.

    • Mj Helie says:

      No…I respectfully disagree. Dickerson, as a reporter was trying to clarify the wiretapping allegation, but the President refused to answer the question. As usual. if it was something he didn’t like…he shuts down. If that had been President Obama, he would have cleared up the allegation and the reporter wouldn’t have had to ask 3 x’s.

    • rreyburn says:

      He gave vague non-answers, leading the conversation into certain places and then backing out when the lead was followed. If Obama had given that sort of answer, I would expect any half-decent reporter to press harder on him, too. Having the media toss Trump softballs for the next few years and treating him with kid gloves might sound nice, but it’s going to come around to bite you when the people you want an answer from are getting treated the same. It’s bad for all of us. Dickerson was not being rude or disrespectful at all. And what about Trump, teasing the issue and then issuing a dismissive and condescending “i think you can figure that out for yourself”? Is that not just a little bit inappropriate and aggressive for an interview that had been going reasonably well up until them?

      • Mytake says:

        “If Obama had given that sort of answer”….with all due respect Obama would have never been asked a question that would put him in the “spotlight” like that……Furthermore, you know that…..and until now, it has never bothered you before…..Conclusion: just another swipe by you at Trump, no matter how you have chose to sugar-coat your post…..

      • DACON9 says:

        RRRRAYBURN didn’t you love obamas answer? against business against America against jobs against wealth against wallstreet against trickle down society and up with entitlements . NOW RRRRRRRAYBURN you never had to work with Obama only thing missing was your communist party card.

      • rreyburn says:

        To clarify, the media SHOULD be ‘ambushing’ the president, whoever it is. The more vigilant the media is, the more accountable politicians are held for their words and actions, the better. Government needs to be as transparent as possible without significantly sacrificing security.

  12. Mary Widzicki says:

    Dickerson is a total snickering a**hole! He was totally disrespectful of the President of the USA!
    Nobody would have dare question obama that way, least he/she be a racist! An excuse!
    This Brave man has done more in 100 days then obama has done in his lousy presidency! He has endangered America, by letting in immigrants that weren’t vetted,
    100’s in Minnesota that have TB! Trump has brought 100’s of jobs back, the Border Patrol are now working At a 75% rate!

    • Mytake the May says:

      “The more vigilant the media is”……Vigilant?????? More like vigilantes goading on the attendees of a variety of “may day parades” to throw Molotov cocktails, commit arson, and riot in the street if nothing more than for the media ratings……you are nothing more than an anarchist.

    • The Truth says:

      Get real, Mary. Dickerson called Trump on his wiretap bullshit, and the Con Man-in-Chief couldn’t take the heat. And if you think a draft dodging, pussy grabbing fake patriot is a “brave man,” you’ve got serious problems with your widzicki.

    • Jackie B. says:

      Trump has accomplished more in his 100 days. Really? Let’s look at some of those “accomplishments.” Things like:
      * Killing regulations that forced energy companies to reveal when they were bribing foreign governments
      * Making it legal to shoot hibernating bears and wolves in National Wildlife Refuges
      * Making it legal for communications companies to sell your Internet history without your permission.

      Oh, and those jobs he claims to have brought back. Could you be referring to:
      * When GM announced in 2015 that it planned to invest $8.3 billion in the U.S. and add 3,300 jobs as part of its negotiations with the United Auto Workers?
      * Ford’s decision not to build the new plant in Mexico as a cost-saving measure due to slow sales of small cars, not in anyway connected with Trump directives?
      * The additional jobs announced by Lockheed that are actually tied to the increased production of F-35s called for in the new government contract that was in the works before Trump was elected?

      Facts are facts. Trump’s supporters can only make stuff up to try and make him look effective for only so long before the result just makes him look even more incompetent.

      • C Smith says:

        Those are the only ‘FACTS’ that you could find in President Trump’s first 100 days. Jackie B certainly chooses to ignore the reality of 2017 and instead keep hoping that the criminal hillary will win. Your comments are garbage just like she is. MAGA!!!

    • Smith Cassidy says:

      You lie! – Joe Wilson.

      Years and years of Birther nonsense until Obama released his birth certificate to shut up the racists.

      Muslim nonsense.

      Kenyan nonsense.

      Communist nonsense.

      And on and on. Oh, and 8 years of blind Republican obstruction capped by nearly a year without a bite on his Supreme Court nominee.

      And Obama isn’t an idiot or serial liar with financial conflicts and ties to Russia.

      Trump deserves all the criticism he gets and more.

      • Jack Carney says:

        Smith…. Obama lied since day one but you would never admit it. But you can keep your doctor . He will draw a line in the sand. lol lol

    • Sammyglick says:

      Wow. Let’s just take one part of that wingnut word salad and examine it.

      One of Pres. Trump’s biggest proposals was to issue a 90 day Travel Ban to allegedly deal with terrorism by fixing/strengthen current vetting procedures for immigrants from the Middle East and other relevant places. Well, it’s now well past that 90 day timeline. Does the Trump Administration have new rules for vetting certain immigrants? They said they needed a 90 day pause while they examined the previous administration’s vetting procedures. So you’d think by now, the Trump administration would have those new vetting procedures and be able to implement them minus needing a ban…unless it was all a bunch of right-wing nonsense for his moronic base to think he’s “getting things done” by using an executive order to (I guess in their minds) end terrorism?

      Pres. Trump continues to lie without impunity, because people like ‘Mary Widzicki’ will support him even if, as he said once at a campaign rally, shot someone on 5th Avenue. The sad part about it, is that people like this supporter have no idea they are being conned left and right. Trump can’t even negotiate funding for his border wall in the current federal budget. He’s in over his head and America will suffer.

    • Laura Carr says:

      No, alternative facts are not truth. Trump is being sued over his slanderous claims about Chobani, there’s no difference in the TB rate due to the plant. There is a direct line in increases between healthcare cuts and people not getting antibiotics for TB.

      And of Trump’s 10 things he would do when elected, he has done none. So how has he done more in 100 days than Obama in 8 years?

  13. Rex says:

    Baby Donald must get so tired of actually being held accountable for the things he brain farts off the top of his head. He’s spent his whole life being accountable to no one but Baby Donald, and before taking office he never encountered a real-life situation that a) anyone outside of the 1% in the real world give a shit about and b) could get away with blowing off criticisms, exposes and investigations because in the greater scheme of things he was nothing but a pop culture joke. Now that he’s the president, and the biggest joke of all time, and so palpably unqualified for and uncomfortable in the job, all he can do is treat it like he’s still on some pathetic reality show aimed at mouth breathers, thinking his adolescent fits of defiance make him the very model of a statesman.

    Thank GAWD this reporter was able to hold his tiny hand to the fire even for a few seconds so we could see what a cowardly, undiplomatic rat he really is. The far right media monopoly has given this ass clown too much protection. It’s time for more journalists from both sides of the spectrum to stop letting this bumbling, obfuscating, lying, faux-insouciant ASSHOLE dictate the conversation as he creates it in his puny mind. They need to take EVERY opportunity to professionally and persistently question Trump on any of the endless stream of LIES, MISDIRECTIONS and BROKEN PROMISES he’s vomited on the American public since day one. Odds are we’ll see even more Baby Donald tantrums like this one, not that his fartcatcher supporters like Dacon9 will see anything wrong with that since babbling “Make America Great” every few hours is enough to keep them sated.

  14. Dick Johnson says:

    Sorry kids…. I need to proof read before I post. I can spell ‘doesn’t’ two out of five times.

    Did y’all hear the Donald’s comment about his trucker buddy? He said that his buddy wouldn’t mind a government fuel tax raise.

    Oh yeahhhh? What’s his name Donny? Soooo many taxes… too little time.

    Back to the insults.Trumpf thinks that Un has a bad haircut.

  15. Dick Johnson says:

    The ultimate display of maturity. I wish that Mssr Trumpf would learn (it’s much, much too late) that the junior high school mode of insults is not in vogue.

    Now he’s all sucky-sucky with Un. People aren’t as stupid as he thinks. Why dosn’t he go to Korea and watch a nuke test. He just might get the idea that these devices are “verrrry verrrrry verrrrrry” powerful.

  16. Is there anyway possible to mix a cocktail of “humility & diplomacy” for our president? I do my best to respect Trump as he is our President but he rarely chooses tact or diplomacy. He creates such despair to so many.

    • rreyburn says:

      For all his Reagan admiration, he didn’t bother to pick up the only good thing about Reagan–His grandfatherly demeanor.

    • DACON9 says:

      I saw your wife kissing santa claus but I don’t have evidence although there are millions of recordings and stories so I guess it happened. SOLETS PLAY WORD GAMES SOME MORE​

  17. Trump should be prosecuted by any US attorney for violating US Code 18/Title 18/Section 1505, which is punishable by imprisonment. His current false claims of wiretapping, along with his previous false claims of having evidence of “illegal wiretapping and surveillance”, constitute an attempt to obstruct, impede and influence the Intelligence Committee’s investigation of Russian election hacking and collusion, and are a blatant violation of this law. When is someone going to hold Trump accountable for his actions?

    • rreyburn says:

      As much as I disapprove of the job he’s doing, Congress needs to initiate impeachment hearings. Being that it’s Republican controlled (albeit by a somewhat fractured Party), it’s gonna take a lot more than the statute you’re citing to get that ball rolling.

    • DACON9 says:

      yeah and build a library for hillarys charity foundation leaving white house ”dead broke” but somehow got $250 million ​

  18. DACON9 says:

    CHEAP tactics from a cheap reporter who thought he was slicker then the president who built an empire dealing with cheap people like him. I despise these types of reporters and fox news has them also. No names mentioned. Where is the respect for the person you are interviewing? What happened that human beings don’t know they pushed the limit and should stop. Not only with the leader of the country but with anyone.

    • rbuchko says:

      Oh bs. Trump’s only “argument” is to cite common knowledge. “Everybody knows” something happened. That’s not an argument, and it’s not true either. He should expect to have “bs” called on his bs. He’s not prepared to discuss a topic that’s been around for months? Jaysus H. This is our President??

    • Laura Carr says:

      Yeah, no, that’s a reporter’s job, to ask questions the interviewee doesn’t want to answer. Otherwise it would be called a statement.

      • DACON9 says:

        ​laura I pity your husband if that is your way of dialogue. There is a time to stop andobviouslt you don’t see that. You obviously believe its OK to harass.

    • Jerry Jones says:

      what does that have to do with anything? you’re not even addressing this incompetence and incoherent manner of this man. your defense is to bring up a library for hillary – call the reporter asking a simple question as some sort of cheat tactic. trump opened the door with his statement. look at you being all dumb and shit. just fow…

      • Sammyglick says:

        Typical right-wing wingnuts like DACON9 blame everything Pres. Trump is doing wrong on Hillary Clinton conspiracies. They’ll never hold Pres. Trump accountable for anything, much less answering a reporter’s simple questions.

      • DACON9 says:

        typical left wing conspiracy wacko responsible​ for loss of prestige and respect around the world is due to democrats and Obama and Clinton. No one held Obama nor Hillary nor slick willy Clinton accountable for anything .and EVERYTHING WRONG in America is due to them . Trump just got in and has to clean up your mess.

    • Marie says:

      Trump accused a former president of breaking the law even though the public has not seen one ounce of evidence proving this.
      Soooooo we are just going to completely ignore that and act like Trump did nothing wrong.

      • Adam Walker says:

        As long as he has followers like Dacon9, I guess so.

      • DACON9 says:

        AMERICAN has 500,000 more jobs. Numerous billion dollar companies ”not” leaving to mexico​ and china and other off shore companies.Many smaller companies STAYING IN AMERICA. Work productivity will surely increase which was one of the reasons manufacturing went over seas not to mention the’unions’ squeezing and destroying manufactureing in America. All the countries of the world now’ coming to THE WHITE HOUSE in a respectful manner and not arrogant. USA ONCE AGAIN HAS WORLD RESPECT. Nothing as blaring as Obama going on aworld apology tour and the world in chaos is the culmination of Obama.

  19. DACON9 says:

    likes2travel. THE LEADERS MAN. THE LEADERS and soon the citizens will follow now you have proven that Obama destroyed American prestige. This cant happen in 2 or 3 months of trump. NOW I TRAVEL OVERSEAS REGULARY TO CHINA AND TURKEY AND ISRAEL AND MEXICO. NEVER HAD SUCH DISTAIN FOR AMERICA BEFORE OBAMA.​

  20. Dee Brown says:

    Nothing of what you state here has proven to be true. It’s amazing the propaganda 45 followers spout as the gospel truth with little or no evidence. You are indeed sheep!

  21. DACON9 says:

    rhetorical question I posed to the people who make Hillary and Obama into virgins ​

  22. likes2travel says:

    As someone who just came back from extensively traveling overseas, I’d have to disagree with your statement that the USA “Once again has world respect.” There is clearly more evidence that the USA is held in disdain around the world and that Trump is viewed as an incompetent and embarrassing leader.

  23. Sammyglick says:

    Perhaps try ‘google’ or ‘internet explorer’ to find the wingnut answers you seek DACON9?

  24. Sammyglick says:

    So you are equating the Civil War and the institution of Slavery to the world-wide religion of Christianity?

    Wow…and people wonder why the world is so messed-up right now. The truly ‘mentally-ill’ are those who seem to think a petulant billionaire who has zero clue how government works, believes in endless conspiracies, cheated banks/investors, lies about his wealth, lies about his taxes, won’t show us his business conflicts (because he’s a liar and a con artist) is the best person to lead America.

    By the way for people like Mary Widzicki, your ‘precious’ Civil War monuments are being put into museums. They are not being ‘destroyed’, they are simply being moved from the public square/public spaces to where they need to be. A museum where their role in our history can be examined and debated, instead of being treated as objects to be worshiped by those who hate others because of their race or skin color.

  25. Sammyglick says:

    You do realize, you could easily use the same computer you’re using to pointlessly yell about the former President, to look-up a few ‘facts’ about the Affordable Healthcare Act if you’re so curious about it’s design and deployment.

    Why do wingnuts think ‘facts’ are a liberal conspiracy?

  26. Laura Carr says:

    You mean removing Jim Crow monuments and pro-slavery icons? Oh yes, the world is a poorer place for not cherishing the wholesale degradation of human beings.

  27. Laura Carr says:

    That was in response to the “Obama is a mentally ill” wackjob btw.

  28. DACON9 says:


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