Comedy Central Extends Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’ Contract Through 2022

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Trevor Noah will remain as the host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” through 2022, ensuring he will provide commentary and satire through the next presidential election. And he will get some new duties, to boot.

Under the terms of the deal, announced Thursday by  theViacom-owned network, Noah will stay on as host, writer and executive producer of the program, anc will produce and host annual, year-end specials, starting this year. The format of the specials is still being worked out, said Kent Alterman, president of Comedy Central, in an interview. Noah realized “that on a day-to-day basis, he is absorbing the headlines of the day, and creating content out of that, and it would be great to within the auspices of ‘The Daily Show’ do some sort of stand-up special or take a look at the year in terms of the headlines that have transpired,” Alterman said. “Maybe there’s an undercurrent of not necessarily assuming we are going to have a year to follow.”


Trevor Noah Daily Show premiere

‘Daily Show’ Hopes to Thrive as Donald Trump Moves to Oval Office

By extending Noah’s contract, Comedy Central is signaling its confidence in the host, who spent some time under intense critical scrutiny after inheriting the “Daily Show” seat from his predecessor, Jon Stewart, in September of 2015.  The program, as it has been since it launched with Craig Kilborn as host in 1998, serves as the linchpin to the network’s late-night schedule, and has become, along with “South Park,” a signature series.

Noah is the most recent of TV’s late-night hosts to extend their current tenure. Time Warner’s HBO on Tuesday extended its deal with John Oliver through 2020. The company’s TBS renewed its deal with Conan O’Brien through 2022.

Success at “The Daily Show” has also allowed for a veritable wee-hours empire of programming over the years that has included “The Colbert Report,” “@midnight” and “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.” On September 25, “The Daily Show” will feed viewers into a new program, “The Opposition with Jordan Klepper,” a former “Daily Show” correspondent. Noah will serve as an executive producer of that series. A promo for the new show appeared Wednesday night at the end of the most recent “Daily Show” broadcast.

Executives at the network were prepared to let Noah have time to grow into his post, said Alterman. “We realized if the goal was to replace Jon Stewart with just a younger version of Jon Stewart, that would have been a fool’s errand,” he said. “I really looked at an opportunity to try to think about bringing someone who would turn it into their own thing.” But Noah required time to get his footing both in front of and behind the camera, said Alterman, and the audience needed time to grow comfortable with him.

“We were totally braced for it,and we never waned in terms of our belief in Trevor,” he said. Alterman said he felt the recent election helped transform the perception of Noah as an outsider using his experience growing up in South Africa as an intriguing lens on current events to one of an insider, who has been experiencing the nation’s recent political and cultural tumult alongside viewers.

Citing Nielsen ratings, Comedy Central said “The Daily Show” is up 17% so far in the current quarter among viewers between 18 and 49 compared with the year-earlier period, and up 28% among total viewers. The network also suggested the program is coming up on NBC’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in terms of viewers between 18 to 34. Throughout Noah’s second season, “Daily Show” has posted monthly and quarter gains compared with the previous year, the network said. Noah is represented by CAA, Mainstay Entertainment, and Hansen Jacobson.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Dear Viacom, please bring “The Daily Show” back to Hulu. I already pay for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Now. The basic cable shows that I like all eventually wind up on one of the streaming platforms that I have – with the exception of “The Daily Show.” And I’m not going to pay an thirty bucks a month for Sling TV just to watch one show. Please accept the reality of changing TV viewing patterns and bring back “The Daily Show” to Hulu!

    • Debbie says:

      P.S. I’ve researched this issue and I know the removal of “The Daily Show” wasn’t Hulu’s decision.

      Viacom, I know you want people to watch the show on the Comedy Central app instead of Hulu, but you can’t turn back time. Cord-cutters like me aren’t coming back.

  2. Scott M says:

    Notice how this article only shows the percentage gains in viewership? The reason why they don’t show the actual ratings is because The Daily Show has a very small viewership so any slight uptick in viewers will appear as a large percentage gain. Very manipulative.

  3. Mr. Annoying says:

    Reading these comments it looks like ‘Cadavra’ is the only one who watches this show. I didn’t even know it was still on. But, admittedly, I only watch Discovery, History, AHC and occasionally BBC for a nature special… the rest of TV has become attempts at low-brow humor, scat jokes, drug jokes or the history of riots.

  4. James Graves says:

    Noah reminds me of Letterman. Not particularly funny, no sense of comedic timing and a mean streak. He will not last out the contract.

  5. How do you people watch this garbage? These foreigners lecturing you about morality and pretending to be funny? I just don’t see it, especially when it’s a nonwhite telling whites how evil they are.

  6. Gregor says:

    Good for Noah and good for Comedy Central. He provides humor, insight and intelligence on a regular basis.

  7. schenker says:

    This guys terrible. He’d rather focus on being a vehicle for leftist political views than being funny so guess I’ll never watch it again.

  8. Frank Mann says:

    Looks like he’ll last longer than Daffy Trump.

  9. cadavra says:

    But…but…he’s a flop. A failure. Nobody watches him. All the Trump supporters say so, and they couldn’t possibly be wrong.

    • Dennis says:

      TV is in such a toilet now that shows pulling 800,000 viewers are renewed. Network shows with 0.8 ratings get renewed. It’s not as if Noah’s show is any good or popular, because it isn’t and it sucks…but things are so bad all over, even his meager audience can still may a few peanuts.

      • cadavra says:

        Back when dinosaurs walked the Earth, there were only three networks + PBS. Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of channels, plus the internet. Every slice of the pie thus gets thinner and thinner. 800K may have been “nothing” when “Gunsmoke” ruled the roost, but those days are gone and are not coming back.

    • Cheese Cake says:

      Keep your finger in the wind, genius! Hillary will surely be president next time! No doubt about it. All of the polls say so!

      • cadavra says:

        For sarcasm to work properly, it has to have at least one finger dunked in the cup of reality. Maybe you should find a different hobby.

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